Mid-Winter Serendipitous Snapshots

Purposefully choosing to ~

Enter into each new day with eyes wide open and heart fully expectant. 

Focus on the little things that normally would escape notice. 

Capture the delightful, the winsome, the joyful, the amazing.  

Claim gratitude in the random discoveries of  'whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy' {Philippians 4:8}.

Keep it simple, short, and sweet.  Because life is already complicated enough.  And I have no idea what's around the next corner.

a wooden fisherman gazes 
patiently atop a harborside roof ...
but the boat is the real deal

we shared a mini chocolate-caramel cake
on Valentine's Day & didn't care that 
the napkins were adorned with carrots

there's nothing more winsomely majestic 
than a lighthouse keeping watch
in a windswept snowstorm

absolutely yes ... scoop up a bouquet of 
bright pastel flowers from the supermarket
 especially when they're only $4.67

those sad windows & sagging rooftop
caught my eye ... I happily hear that the 
house will soon be returned to its former glory

a shared brunch with friends ...
what a deliciously glorious way to celebrate 
the blessings of Sabbath worship & rest

the ice looked exactly like fine lace
as it encased the boulders at
the edge of the bay

'how do we explain that when you stop at a
 diner that has a bunch of ads on the placemat 
that we don't kiss the people on the ads?'

my heart beats a bit faster when I spy
abandoned houses adorned with 
rusty old hardware & chippy paint

a friend loved this color swatch with her
favorite hymn ... she painted a sweet
little bookcase that sits fireside by her chair

eldest granddaughter with a great big heart 
for worldwide missions creatively designed 
a global pizza ... really! 

Have you caught a random glimpse or two of God's bountiful blessings in recent days?  

Do tell ...


visiting with Lisa & Jeanne & Richella