4 Mid-Winter Somethings

Good cloudy Saturday morning to you!  

I was going to run around town doing errands with Tim, but the blazing fireside is calling my name and seemed infinitely more attractive today than visiting the dump and picking up library books that await in the cold, vacant lobby of said building ... and even grabbing a hot chocolate with whipped cream from DD.

So, ensconced in my flannel ensemble, nightgown and robe, with feet stretched toward the fire, I'm quickly tapping away with a focus on a bit of randomness. 

Because the 4th Saturday of each month is 4 Somethings over at Heather's.  And today's the day.

Something Loved

The fireplace has been here since the house was built yet has never been used.  My dream came true a few weeks ago when we finally installed a gas insert that magically allowed that hollow of brick to come alive.  I've been sitting right next to it more hours than not since then.  I couldn't be more content, more calmed, more reflective than right now.  

Instead of laying around watching mindless TV in the evenings, we're sitting face to face as we toast our feet, reading, figuring out life, surfing online, or just quietly biding our time together.  

Sheer bliss.

Something Read

'In some ways, I was attached to things of my past because I thought it was a way to hold on to relationships.  When I saved things from a relationship, it was either because something in the relationship was unresolved that I hoped to fix in the future or because the relationship had been so good that I didn't think I'd be lucky enough to ever have that goodness again.  I thought I could save the relationships by stuffing them in a box.  

How many relationships are you storing in your attic, garage, or under your bed?  Love doesn't flourish in those hidden spaces.'

- Courtney Carver, Soul Simplicity: How Living With Less Can Lead To So Much More

Something Treasured

I spent this week on Zoom, counseling women in ministry around the world.  I haven't fully processed this experience so I'm not able to begin to find the words to tell you how these 1 - 1 conversations have impacted me as a counselor, as a woman, as a human being living through Covid.  

From Burundi to Mexico, Albania and Germany and Kenya, Peru to Uganda, young and older, these godly, intelligent, perceptive workers shared their stories, heartaches, and challenges with me in 60 minute sessions. I'll probably never connect with these valiant servants of Christ again, but listening to their hearts and holding space for their experiences has left a distinct imprint on my own soul.

I'm grateful to have connected with Thrive Ministry in a very round about it-had-to-be-God way, and thankful to have played a small part in their online Gather 2021 Retreat.  

And beyond delighted that I somehow was able to navigate Zoom!

Something Ahead

Ferreting out the illusive Covid vaccine somewhere without having to travel an hour +.  Worshiping outdoors before too long.  Figuring out how to celebrate our 45th, somehow, somewhere.  Reading Scripture aloud in the mornings while still in bed.  Seeing our kids in June.  Spending all of 30 minutes with my Mom on her 91st birthday.  Sitting by the fire with the next must-be-read volume.  Continuing the women's support group.  A leisurely brunch with friends at Grumpy's tomorrow.

God is good ~


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