Got Pandemic Brain? Try These 7 Things.

Hi There ~

These past few weeks have involved way too much time online.  

Way .  Too  .  Much

There was a week spent counseling at the Thrive's Gather Conference along with all the training and debriefing that followed.  Cramming in as many sessions as possible at She Leads Church Summit.  

And don't even get me started on the endless hours spent in 'waiting rooms' to get onto the site to hopefully find a place to get the vaccine ... and then racing through pages of endless questions in 15 minutes after I found an illusive opening {how many times do you really need me to tap out my name and birthdate?}  

And yes, I have an appointment for the J & J vaccine this Tuesday.  Thank You, Jesus.

Halfway through yesterday, I had had enough.  I simply turned my phone off and hid it under a pile of stuff on my desk and headed back downstairs to curl up under my soft, fuzzy throw and indulge in a long winter's nap.

It's not news to any of us that too much time spent with our screens leaves us foggy and exhausted, spent and a bit crispy.  Disoriented.  This is especially true for all of you who work online, who are required to spend endless hours on Zoom, or spend an inordinate amount of time blogging / on social media.

Pandemic brain leaves me strangely unfocused.  Like having crammed far too much into my head so that I can't string two sentences together, aimlessly wandering around the house leaving tasks half done, trying to figure out what's for dinner at 4:30 as I gaze into the freezer, unable to spend relaxed time in the company of an inviting book.

I'm craving rhythm and connection and purpose and creativity.  A free and active life in the company of others.

Here's what I'm learning ...

*  I try to stay upstairs in the morning 'til everything there is completed.  All the things.  Reading through the Psalms outloud, tidying, washing and dressing, desk work and bill paying, airing out the rooms, making the bed, stretching.

*  Keep a running 'don't forget' list on my desk and use the white board on the fridge to track our daily schedule for a week.  No more when's his visit with the dentist?  Is he working today?  What time is that appointment anyway?  What's happening Thursday?  Who's going where when?

*  I need to get outside to clear my head.  This week's been a cold one so some days all I've done is step outside and breathe deep for a minute or two.  It matters.  This coming week looks to be a good one for daily walks.  Praise be.

*  I tend to do alot of blog visiting in chunks, for lack of a better word.  Party-hopping, so to speak.  There's a time or two every week when I just can't wait to see what you're creating and I'm off and running.  This is so refreshing and fun and all those good things.  I try to visit all my readers at least once a week and continue to reach out to new-to-me writers.  Forgive me for when I'm unsuccessful.

*  We've got a few friends in our 'bubble' and I try to get together with someone in person at least once a week.  I'm missing face-to-face contact, and I can't begin to tell you how I yearn to see my girls and their families.  Kissing my mother on our weekly visit through masks is impossibly obnoxious, especially because 99% of our half hour is spent six feet apart.  It is what it is.

I need to do something for others.  It's been far too easy to isolate which only leads to endless self-absorption which leaves us lonely and unmoored.  I've been doing a series of women's pandemic support groups since September, masked and six feet apart.  I love doing life with these women, hearing their stories, offering them a safe place to land and unload and connect and be revived.  Good stuff.

*  I sing outloud.  All the verses, all the words.  I'm literally praising God all day long.  My poor husband.  Maybe I should buy him some ear plugs.  Although when I ask, he's starting to join in once in awhile.  The Lord is worthy of all the adoration we can offer, even if it's off key and at the oddest moments.  I'm amazed at the old hymns that pop into my head via my heart, the ones I haven't heard in decades.  

I love what the Holy Spirit invites us to.  Especially in these uncertain days of waiting, hoping, dreaming, praying.

What rhythms are guiding you to be more focused, organized, purposeful?


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