You . . . One Year Ago

It's a year since the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Words most certainly fail at a time like this.  I'm not feeling particularly eloquent right about now.  God knows I can't quite begin to put my hands around the many ways our lives, collectively and individually, have been altered.  

The losses, both huge and subtle.  The million ways our relationships have morphed for good or ill.  The impact on how we do life in the company of others.  How our faith has been stretched and grown ... or atrophied. 

We've walked together through it all.  The pandemic conversations we've had are gathered right here.  Our stories each differ yet there are common themes.  So the question begs to be asked.  

What was going on in your life when the pandemic hit?

Check your blog posts, social media, phone, camera, calendar, journal, email folders.

And then share your story with us today.  The good, the bad, the blessed, the ugly, the miracles.  I'll go first.  I had just returned home from the hospital ...

It's your turn.

We look back and reflect in order that we can move ahead unhindered.  And we trust that God will do more than we can ask or imagine because of what we've experienced {Ephesians 3} ~



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