A Note To My Friends & Followers

Dear Loved Ones ~

A week ago I found myself in an ambulance, quickly wending its way down Route 6 to the hospital.  I couldn't catch even the slightest breath without piercing pain and I couldn't breathe deeply at all.

It was terrifying, surreal ... and yet, God was incredibly gracious and there wasn't a whiff of anxiety during the whole traumatic scenario.  The excellent medical staff quickly found two small blood clots in one lung and I remained in the hospital for two days.

I'm home now.  Fragile.  Trusting.  Hopeful.  Weary.

I have closed my counseling practice.  I am laying low.  I am doing all the 'right' things to regain my health which has taken a decidedly poor turn since the dawn of 2020.  I am trusting God for healing ... body, mind, and spirit.  It is well with my soul and I love Jesus more than ever before.

All that said, I'd love for you to pray for me, to pray for my family.  You won't be seeing me around much online for a bit, but I know you understand.

Funny, a few days before this all happened, I had pulled together a bunch of online reads just for you.  I added two more just now.

'Til we meet again, may they bring you some needed encouragement.

Alison McLennan

Courtney Carver

Dr. John Townsend

Dr. Henry Cloud

Carey Nieuhwhof

Kimberly Penrod Pelletier

Kate Murphy

Sarah Bessey

This is a challenging season for many of us.  Let's pray for each other.  Please share your request in the comment section.

Grateful to do life with you ... especially in the hard seasons.  I'm sending my love to you today ~