4 Very Late Spring Things

A happy very late spring to you, friend!  

After being practically tethered to our abodes for over a year, many of us readers / writers / bloggers / creators / online aficionados are unplugging and heading out and about for some fresh air, rediscovering the people, places, and things that we've sorely missed.  

Most of us are feeling stronger and healthier than we have in a long while.  We're tentatively embracing new adventures and surprise opportunities.  We're contemplating if what was familiar way back when is still as necessary as we always assumed it was ... all while we slowly release what can never be reclaimed.  And grieving all we lost along the way.

Truth be told, most of us will admit that we're not quite who we were all those months ago.  Something has shifted, evolved, or changed gears.  And maybe that could end up being a very good thing.

'And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose' 
{Romans 8:28}.

I flew higher than a kite this month and it just might end up being the highlight of the year!  A few pics are here.  And my memories?  Breathless and sweet.

And now ... 4 Somethings for May.  You're letting me know that this monthly offering is one of your favorite reads around here.  I'm glad.



What happens when you spend a weekend at your new house pulling out tons of pachysandra that's surreptitiously crept in from the woods over the years and taken full control of the front yard?

You discover a real-life secret garden.  

The whole sundial, splendid decorative base unearthed, not just the tippy-top that had somehow managed to poke through the overgrowth.  And a carefully laid slate walkway that wends its way over to a little coy pond edged with stacked stone.

And that's exactly what my oldest daughter and her two ambitious girls did.  I can't wait to hear what they discover next.  Hopefully there'll be no poison ivy ruining the party like the first go-round.


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Outdoors.  That's the name of the game right now.  While the sun shines and the breezes blow and the humidity hasn't discovered our address.

An incredibly brisk walk with an athletic friend.

Weeding.  Planting.  Mulching.  Watering.  Re-potting.  Fertilizing.  Photographing.  Relocating.  Pruning.  Harvesting.

Indulging in fried lobster with my sister.

Napping in the hammock at the edge of the woods.

Eating ice cream.  Salted caramel with lots of chocolate chips ... or chocolate overloaded with chunks of peanut butter.

Sitting at the beach, catching up on May with a beach buddy.

Our oldest granddaughter's graduation party in Annapolis.  Yes, we will party hardy.

Church under the big tents.

Walking the beach in solitude, gathering sea glass and shells and driftwood along the way.

Walking the beach with six grandchildren, gathering sea glass and shells and driftwood along the way.

Grateful for every minute of it all ~

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