A Sacred Serendipity

The righteous will flourish
like a palm tree,
they will grow like
a cedar of Lebanon;
planted in the
house of the Lord,
they will flourish
in the courts of our God.

 They will still bear fruit in old age,
they will stay fresh and green,

proclaiming, "the Lord
is upright; 
He is my Rock ..."
- Psalm 92:12-15 -

What could be more serendipitous than quietly reading a Psalm out loud and stumbling across a verse you never noticed before, sacred words that somehow seemed tailor made for who you are, where you are, in the here and now.

For those of us who haven't exactly embraced the reality that we have slowly but surely entered into the second half of our earthbound life, this passage gives us a sacred perspective, a grand calling.  A jolt of possibility, of potential, of hope!

For as the righteous mature, God has not destined us to languish.  We have been designed to flourish, blossom, bloom.  And by His grace, as we age, we won't become brittle and half-dead, uselessly withering on some unnoticed vine, endlessly preoccupied by our flagging health or wringing our hands over future unknowns.  

We are shaped for continued Christ-honoring purpose and faithful, fruitful ministry.  

Yes, the venues and energy levels and methods may alter over time, but here we are, 'fresh and green,' the Psalmist declares.  Vibrant and effective in living out our giftedness, our calling, our passion for serving the One who created us in the first place.

And maybe even more so after a long season of being pruned to the nubs and dormant in isolation.  For truth be told, in the midst of trial the aging roots experienced redemption, as they stayed busy soaking up spiritual consolation and sustenance and wisdom.  Ready to roll as the sun slowly emerged and we came to life once again.

This is a sacred serendipity.

Praise be ~
One Word 2021



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