What Saved My Life Last Year

We've eagerly flipped our calendars, we're looking straight ahead.  And while we see 2017 through a glass dimly, we're dreaming, planning, and hoping.  Venturing, striving, and leaning forward.

To help us navigate well, we grab hold of goals, songs, resolutions, words, verses, images {and yes, perhaps numbers ... I love this!}, claiming them as our own.  And for many accomplished seekers, leaders, dreamers, and creatives this is exactly what's needed to move ahead with great purpose and enthusiasm.

I'm such a wet blanket.  I'm sorry.  

The whole One Word thing doesn't work for me.  I choose a word, it looks good to me, I write a post or two, we all chit chat about it and within weeks it's completely off my radar, never to cross my mind again.

And I'm not so much for goals and resolutions.  Maybe it's my age, but I seem unmotivated, I get bored quickly, those good intentions seldom stick around long enough to see the ink dry.

Songs and verses stream through my mind by the hour but it'd be hard for me to narrow down THE one to hang my hat on.  And the only number that keeps me on my toes is the digitalized one that quickly appears when I stumble onto the scale each morning.


For some reason, looking backward equips me to proceed forward, hopefully a bit wiser than the year before.

And the question that floats my boat is ... 'what's saving your life?'

I need to examine what worked and what didn't.  I'd prefer not to make the same boneheaded mistakes and thought-less choices as I have in the past.  The least I can do is learn from my messes.  It's helpful for me to actually lay the past to rest, and in doing so, a brighter light is somehow freed up to illuminate the steps ahead.

So ... before I go barreling full steam ahead into this chilled, gray January, the lifesavers below have come to mind.  Actually, they came tumbling out without much thought over at Lois's place mid-December.  Yet, they beg for me to recognize them, to acknowledge their impact, to honor their importance in my life.

Always, always the sure foundation, Jesus has saved my life from the pit and from my sins, from my self-absorption and my ugly heart attitudes.  He has been faithful, strong, and true when I have been the polar opposite.  I am fully, wholeheartedly committed to His Lordship in my life.  He's never abandoned me for one single second.

Where would I be without the blessed Trinity ... Father, Son, and Spirit?

I absolutely shudder to think.


Reflection has been a major player this past year.  Most days flow one into the next, rather free and unstructured.  I'm home much of the time, I write, I read, I rest, I do a bit of work.

I walk the neighborhood or maybe a beach's shoreline.  I sit and look out the window, I putter, I look in the refrigerator.

I've been in the waiting room for a good year and a half.

While one or two well-meaning people have told me I've got far too much time on my hands, all this space has been profitable.  My pace has slowed, I am {usually} fairly calm.

Body, mind, and spirit have slowly but surely been recalibrated.  I have shed unwanted pounds.  I am working on making our house a home.  I have survived a breathless transition.  I have grieved well.  My dearest relationships are in a good place, a few sweet friendships are developing, and I'm grateful for the Bible Studies I now attend.


Contentment has emerged as a lovely gift borne from the hours of reflection, morning devotional time invested with the Lord, a purposeful focus on naming and speaking gratitude day in and out.

Yes, there's unfinished business here and there, there are situations I am concerned about, and I wonder about more things than maybe I should.  But contentment laced with thankfulness has become a soothing reality, an energizing constancy.

I can breathe deep, I am at peace.


A sure foundation is that relationship with Christ.  Reflection and contentment have been icing on the cake.

Anticipation is the bright red cherry on top.

What does God have for me to be, to do?  Which door will He unlatch and swing open wide?  He has put a call on my life ... what's that going to look like in the days ahead?

The options and details are still a bit fuzzy, but that's ok.  And while I have my fair share of wondering moments, I choose to anticipate instead of go into any kind of default worry / hand-wringing mode.

In one of my most favorite quotes ever, Ruth Haley Barton said it all.  'God does not waste His gifts or His calling.  As I am engaged in the process of becoming the kind of person God can use, He will place me where I can be of greatest use to Him.'

He's never let me down.  I've found His timing to be impeccably astonishing.  And I'm ready to say, 'yes, please, Lord.'  


Meanwhile, let's talk about what navigating tools you're claiming as you head into this fresh new year.  If you've written a post about launching into 2017, feel free to share those links.

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