5 Easy Stress Busters For When You're Waiting

I think it's fair to say that most of us are not good wait-ers.  

We're oh-so-prone to impatience, tapping jittery fingers on jam-packed shopping carts as we cool our heels in understaffed checkout lines.  We drum on padded steering wheels at red lights that seem unwilling to make that switch to green.  Or restlessly bide our time in some kind of outer office holding tank listening for our name to be called as we perch in uncomfortable seats.

Our blood pressure slowly ratchets up as aggravation creases our faces.  We mumble and grumble to ourselves ... or to whoever happens to be unfortunate enough to be nearby.

When we're right in the middle of any kind of major crossroads, the waiting room can be an uneasy place to dwell as we spend our days with an eye out for phone calls, paperwork, emails ... all those responses, appointments, and decisions that are completely out of our control.

We do like to be in control, don't we.

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freaking out

If you're biding your time in life's waiting room these days, here's your opportunity to claim a few light-hearted responses as your very own.  Grabbing hold of one or two of these just might keep you from heading down that slippery slope that leads straight to freaking out.

Been there, done that.  You, too?

5 stress-busting responses ...

1.  Breathing Stress leads to shallow breathing which only leads to more stress.  It's a vicious cycle. Click here for the breathing exercise I've long practiced with my clients.  This simple little exercise lends itself to relaxation.  It works.

2.  Smiling ~ Not necessarily big toothy grins like our friend Alfred E. Neuman's here, but just a gentle upturn of the lips that keeps me from taking myself and my circumstances far too seriously.  Doing this reminds me that all will be well.  Muse on the beauty of this with me.

3.  Singing ~ Nothing formal or planned, mind you.  Just a simple launching into songs of thanksgiving or trust at the drop of a hat.  A few lines of an old childhood hymn lifts me straight up to the One who calms the storm.  I can't help but think He smiles as He hears a slightly off-key melody intertwined with my grateful heart.

4.  Walking ~ Once I hit the pavement, I truly enjoy finding that comfortable stride, feeling those muscles stretch, pushing myself to go just a bit further than last time.  It's getting out the door that's the challenge.  But it sure beats the alternatives, which often include mindless grazing in the kitchen and too much time wandering around online.

5.  Journaling ~  To stay sane, we have no choice but to unpack all that swirls and twirls in our heads.  Our family and friends get weary of our endless moaning and groaning, yet the need to process is strong and sure.  I know no better way to offload all that pulls at me than sitting still with God, sharing my heart just as it is, and releasing my very real emotions and concerns to the One who already knows what's going on in the craziness.  Here's a peak at some of my musings.

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What's your waiting room scenario these days?

Got some sane and healthy tips to share?

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