In Which I Sift Through Autumn's Snapshots

autumn on Cape Cod is color unleashed
back roads quiet, houses darkened 
beaches gray & stormy
skies blue & leaves russet
all kinds of surprise glimpses await here

if you crawl into the swampy woods with a clipper in your hands
& bring me armloads of berries on the vine
I'll love you forever

a sabbath afternoon wind blew us sideways on outermost shores
where the ocean wore this startling shade of deepest aqua

the intricate door knob & weathered screen door
beckoned me closer at an old captain's house

 adventurous parasailers prepare to venture up up & away
from these high ocean cliffs

 vines of bittersweet & heaping handfuls of winterberry
fill two watering cans perched outside the kitchen door

 the uppermost floors of this National Seashore building
majestically hold court over windswept dunes

after the stormiest of nights,
 you'll find me walking an abandoned shoreline
 searching for buoys that have lost their moorings

 ocean beaches are eroding away at a startling pace
as each wild storm passes through

these bittersweet vines are my favorite ...
if only we could gather enough to make a welcoming wreath for each door
{hint hint}

The Kindness Project morphed on a bayside beach several months ago
 & remnants still remain despite an onslaught of pelting rain & strong winds

I might have been the first one to scoop up a small cartload of pumpkins
at this well-stocked local farmstand

unforgettable sunsets remain with the viewer long after evening's gone

& on truly special evenings, 
we might head to someplace cozy
 where I won't have to think about what to cook for supper

: : :

Let's chat about your favorite autumn joys, my fine friends ...

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