Smitten Over These Sweet Mid-Winter Lifesavers

If ever we needed to speak gratitude it would be right about now, smack dab in the midst of winter.  In this season of gray and drab, dark and solitary, God whispers beauty and peace, hope and grace.

He opens our eyes to spy simple treasures and lovely treats and long yearned for answers to prayer, those more-than-we-ask-or-imagine requests.

I'm smitten with gratitude for graces small and big indeed ...

big chunks of sea glass
seed pods & all manner of dried objects
seashells gathered near & far
& Erin Loechner's refreshing memoir, Chasing Slow

 those sunlit days after a howling shake-the-shutters windswept rainstorm
unearth huge waves that roar & shimmer

 as you spread the fragrant lotions & don the slippers 
& enjoy your Christmas gifts, these are the perfect opportunities 
to intercede for those who gifted you

 stress relief at its finest ... 
long evenings spent with an old tin full of sparkling gel pens
& a great big coloring book

it's all about fleece from the top of my head to beneath my toes
swaddled in flannel all night
old quilts stitched for toasty warmth reside on beds & sofas & chairs

I finally dug out the journal from under a pile of books ...
 I've missed penning my conversations with God 

I saved the best for last.
 God's opened the door wide for me to 
counsel women in this new place we call home.  
I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am.  


celebrating winter's joys with
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