For When You Just Know That Something Good Is In the Wind

There are those misty mornings when you absolutely know that you must clear the decks and write away.  I lean into that unspoken invitation, tapping letters quickly on the keyboard, but the resulting words are going nowhere fast.  They make no sense.

Not even to me.

I gather them up and delete them all, choosing instead to gaze out the window like maybe some kind of magical inspiration or wild revelation might show herself in living color.

There's something swirling in my head, stirring in my heart that is aching to be birthed, but I just can't find the right words.  And it's not because I need an improved thesaurus.

For all I have in my hand are His whispers entwined with some wispy dreams ... and little else of substance.

All I know is this.  There's something coming.  And it's way bigger than my rather limited self.

I'm not even sure what that means.

I am waiting calmly, which is not typical for me.  I am long done with my old striving from back in the day and there's nothing frantic going on in my soul.  I can't wrap my hands around whatever this is, so I simply keep them open and waiting, my arms lifted high.

It's like praying, like trusting, like praising.  All expectant and hopeful.

You, too?

There's a knowing that comes, a whispering of the Spirit when He's cooking up some fresh plans.  His timetable is usually different than ours, and as much as we try to stretch our necks to peek around the corner, He knows we're not quite ready for the the call, the leading, the change, the challenge ahead.

So instead He whispers, 'peace, be still.'

And in that stillness we patiently peer through a glass darkly at yet to be discerned opportunities, for faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen {Hebrews 11:1}.  We feel it, we know it, we've prayed for it.  And all we can do is open ourselves up to the leading of our Sacred Guide, the Holy Designer who cares for each and every detail of our lives.

I can't wait to see what He's got up His sleeve.

I believe that He's readying you, He's preparing me to walk forward 'round the next bend.  It's a faith journey, the map is His Word, the Spirit is our Guide.  And we simply follow His lead, taking the next step and the one after that.  Our hearts beat in a steady rhythm of anticipation.

For He alone knows the hope-filled future plans He's prepared for us {Jeremiah 29:11}, and wonder of wonders, He specializes in doing immeasurably more than we could ever begin to ask or imagine {Ephesians 3:20}.

Are you experiencing similar stirrings, some kind of hope, an expectancy?


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