Because We've Gotta Kick Fear to the Curb

You don't have to look too far or be too brilliant or even all that terribly compassionate to grasp this truth right here ... people are afraid.

The reasons are as wide as the sky, often complex, and no, there's no quick fixes in sight.

Serious family situations or scary health issues might have emerged rather quickly ... or financial upheaval, a job crisis, or the endless political clamor could be causing nightly sleepless hours.

Perhaps there are urgent decisions that should have been made last week.  Or maybe a gnawing loneliness or the unsettledness that oft' accompanies grief or rapid change has left its mark.

As I rustled around the archives today, the words below beckoned me.  They were penned 3 years ago, but I offer them up to you again, dear soul, as a healing balm, a soothing hope, just in case you are afraid.  Or fear that you're headed in that direction.

Our tender, merciful God is inviting us to lean deeply into His power to conquer whatever assails us.

When fear comes to call, he is not at all a gentleman.  He is a ferocious ugly companion who forces his way into our hearts and minds during our most vulnerable moments, taking up what looks to be permanent residence.

He settles himself in, puts his scaly feet up, and makes himself at home.  His malicious intent is not to leave, but to hang around for as long as possible.  What he really wants is to run the show, call the shots, orchestrate the whole concerto that is our lives.

He disturbs, isolates, victimizes, mesmerizes, paralyzes.

This ugly taskmaster steals joy, confidence, peace, and sanity.  His relentless, constant companionship can kick anxiety into high gear, keep us from making wise decisions, wreck havoc with precious relationships, and render us impotent to do anything more than simply .  be  .  afraid.

But there is a stronger truth that must prevail.  And it is this ...

God has bountifully given us endless grace and life-giving freedom.  He longs for us to be in healthy, renewing community with Himself and with others.  He graciously gives us power, love, and a sound mind.

He gently whispers, 'do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'

Be comforted.  Be assured.  You are not alone, God is on your side and will help you show fear the door and kick him straight to the curb.  Do this as often as the enemy comes slinking back toward your heart.  Because you truly can embrace decision making and life's trials from a place of confidence and love and sanity.

God's perfect love casts out all the ugliness of fear.  And the good news is that you have the power, through the name of Jesus Christ, to refuse that uninvited evil guest and he will wander off again, preferably to the faraway abyss where he belongs.

Isaiah 41:10

Galatians 5:1

2 Timothy 1:7


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