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Good breezy afternoon from the porch.  The winds are blowing hard and it feels almost tropical which is kind of odd since we're here in New England.  The calendar says it's summer yet whiffs of fall somehow seem present.  We're left wondering whether to reach for a sweatshirt or open every window wide.  Go figure.

I seldom ask God why questions anymore.  I'm guessing because I've seen Him so faithful.  Found security in leaning into the fact that He never changes like shifting shadows.  Have come to implicitly trust His character and His lovingkindness and His justice.  Experienced those mercies that blossom fresh every morning.

Don't get me wrong.  There's much about life I can't begin to understand.  And evil that I don't want to comprehend.  Who can even begin to figure out what's going on these days?  Yet there's a peace that comes in releasing all we can't control, fix, or maneuver.  

Which is just about everything.  And everyone around me. 

Why questions take us in circles.  They leave us hanging.  They go no place productive.  They tend to easily become whiney and demanding and especially tiresome to unfortunate bystanders who find themselves held hostage by their hand-wringing companions.

But I do like the what questions when talking with God.  They are laced with a positive expectancy.  Like what are You trying to teach me?  What are You inviting me to?  What miracles are You going to unleash in this mess here and that disaster over there?


Jesus specialized in asking the hard questions.  They were often simply spoken but they weren't easy for people to answer because their response had the potential to turn their lives inside out.  And those kind of conversations can be incredibly unsettling because who might I be if I said a completely sold out, unfettered yes to Him? 

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As we gradually transition into autumn, I find myself leaning forward to hear your stories, pick your brains, and glean from your wisdom.  Not because I'm nosy and intrusive but because the older I get, the more I find myself curious and inquisitive.  

The upcoming end of a season is a liminal space, the perfect time to figure out what's going on inside our heads and hearts, an opportunity to re-evaluate our commitments and calendars.  Done well, with a bit of time and space around us and in the company of God and those who can help us discern, this can be a gently-paced, stress-less process of discovery and renewal ... as opposed to the typical frantic mad dash scenario that comes crashing in after Labor Day. 


I do love asking what questions.  (Some people relish this and others wish I'd simply go away.) 

Like what saved your life this summer?   What have you been dreaming of?  Creating?  And what are you embracing and anticipating?

What Scripture has captured your heart?  What's your biggest fear?  Your deepest passion?  What's making you sad?  

What's stirring inside your soul?  What do you miss ... and what are you completely done with?

Let's talk.  I promise to listen well and not get all bossy with you.  And if you have questions for me, I'll try to answer them.  

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In last week's edition of PORCH, Victor asked the million dollar question - 'What do you prefer?  Books or ice cream?'  I told him I'd put it to a vote here.

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