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Still life photos from 'round these parts.  A surprising slant on forgiveness.  An innovative faith resource.  And a peek at the upcoming kitchen reveal.

Here's August in a nutshell. 





'One of the most important distinctions to make when learning about the practice of forgiveness is to forgive the person, not their actions. Playing the sequence of someone’s wrongful action over and over again in the mind is a terrible hindrance to obeying God’s command to forgive. When we continually reflect on how wrong an action was, our thoughts act as a blockade between our hearts and God’s heavenly compassion.

Showing compassion for the wrongful actions of another is not easy, but it is necessary. If we are to live a lifestyle of continual forgiveness the way God commands, we must look to heart of the person and receive God’s compassion rather than taking up the seat of judgement. If we are to love one another as God has loved us, we must value relationship over worldly justice and give grace where none is deserved.'
First15: Forgive the Person, Not Their Actions 


Something Learned

'Helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.'  

Biblical scholarship intersects with visual storytelling and technology at BibleProject.  I've gained so much clarity from the Book Summary videos, sometimes at the normal playback speed, more often at a slightly slower speed (good for those of us who don't think as quickly as a 20 year old), and with no volume at all.

A superb adjunct to your personal Bible reading, but also in family devotions, classes, groups, worship services.  I'm giving this excellent multi-faceted, faith stretching toolbox ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.



Next weekend's PORCH?  The long awaited kitchen reveal!  I'm putting the final touches on this upcoming edition, including all kinds of kitchen-y links in case you see something that inspires you.  And no, this ain't no home decorating blog, but you guys came up with all kinds of brilliant ideas when we first started talking about this project way back in January and your enthusiasm jump-started the whole shebang.

It all started with The Shelves Make Their Grand Debut ...

See you in the kitchen ~

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I've been blogging since way back in 2007 and this past week's conversation is, hands down, the most in-depth one we've ever had.  It's not too late to j
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