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Dear kind-hearted friends ~

He is risen indeed!

Praise God we don't have to wait 'til Sunday to speak those glorious words right out loud.  That our God is alive and well in the midst of chaos and disorder and heartache, that He'll never change like shifting shadows, that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, is such a powerful anchor for the bewildered soul.

I'm so grateful for the hope that is Jesus.

Meanwhile, I'm re-discovering all kinds of energy I didn't even know I had.  Really.  Simply by neglecting my laptop, saying farewell to my comfy fireside chair, and heading outdoors again.  Long walks that are stretching those dormant muscles and re-orienting my spirits.  Cleaning up winter's havoc in the gardens, clipping forsythia, planting more wildflowers.  The simple joy of inhaling fresh air, leaning into the sun's warmish rays, relishing the sound of familiar birdcall.

Choosing to immerse myself in God's restorative creation has been a very good thing for body and soul.  And in the process, I feel His pleasure.  

Are you a Compulsive Helper?  I've been there done that and let me tell you it's highly overrated ... and ultimately quite unhealthy.

Sarah Bessey's essay Do you want to be well? is the icing on the cake after our own conversation here a few months ago.

John Eldredge


C.S. Lewis

Henri Nouwen

Joni Eareckson Tada

of the World's Greatest Book
Mark Yarbrough

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