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A lovely weekend to you!

I hear that four brand new little chicklets are awaiting my Easter visit.  Lavender, Midnight, Luna, and Coffee (pictured up top) have stolen my heart from afar.  I hope Kristin isn't expecting me to help out in the kitchen too much because I plan on spending all kinds of time cuddling in the corner with my newest feathered loveys ... when I'm not out in the barn hoping to be the first to discover freshly hatched eggs from the senior feathered family matriarchs.

Pet therapy.

Meanwhile, we're cleaning out the three season porch (the namesake of this weekend newsletter).  Overlooking the back woods, this becomes my go-to spot for morning mugs of tea and quiet devotional moments.  Relaxing afternoon naps on the comfy sofa.  A wide open space for my asparagus ferns.  Sunset suppers at the too-large-table.  And a serene locale for blogging, of course.

This year I want to create some kind of little nook, a space to putter around with watercolors.  I'm so done with making excuses for not pulling out the paints and brushes, a little dish of water, and the pad of paper I bought a year ago.

Art therapy.


After a moving piece about the tragic school shooting in Nashville, CT's Russell Moore shared my picks on his Desert Island Bookshelf feature in this week's edition of the Moore to the Point Newsletter.  I'll be sharing the details in the April Bookbag.

Anniversary therapy.

More on this log cabin masterpiece, a sweet labor of true love, in the April Bookbag, too!

May some amazing moments find their way straight to your heart this weekend,
Linda 💘

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