Porch #81 * Weekend Bits + Pieces

a soft place to land
a calm weekend haven
a gentle pause from life's busyness
so we may experience
the tender lovingkindness of Jesus
as we do life together
in community


Thank goodness it's Friday.  If ever a week could drag slowly and zip by all at the same time, it'd be this past one.  But here we are, ready to roll into another weekend.  What've you got planned?

Meet Nugget, one of my gorgeous grandchickens.  It was sheer love at first sight.  The five feathered beauties knocked each other over racing toward me like I was a long lost relative.  My kids promptly informed me that their excitement was only because they thought I had meal worms for their afternoon snack.  But I know better.

 Can you even believe how much oldest granddaughter looks identical to this snapshot of her grandfather 50 years earlier?  Freaky weird.  She'll turn 20 this summer and the cool thing is how very close their relationship has turned out to be.  Right from the beginning.

March 1st was Mom's birthday.

'She would allow herself only a piece of the second-best peach, the subpar pear, the plum that needed another day, so that her company might taste the very best fruit.  It was like that with everything, really.'


How Can We Avoid Putting a BandAid on Others' Grief & Pain by my friend/spiritual mentor Michele Morin really hits home for those of us who have loved and lost.  BTW, that's all of us, yes?  A must read article with thoughtful insights that make us sit up and take notice.

And if you haven't settled in to some sort of Lenten devotional, I'm highly recommending Michele's concise yet profound words for each day.  Scroll down on that page to sign up.  


GATHER is a four-day, web-based live event specifically for women ministering overseas.  This is the third year I'll be doing 1-1 pastoral counseling during this March 23rd - 26th conference.  What a truly humbling experience to hear heartfelt stories from women serving all around the world, many in difficult situations.  

Please share this link with your ministry friends ... and consider gifting the weekend to them.  Please pray us through.


Hey Kristin - I know that Easter breakfast is the last thing on your mind right now, but maybe this gorgeous coffee bread ring should end up on the menu.  Frozen bread dough means the girls and I can pull this together.  I'm guessing that the jelly beans will be pretty much picked over before it hits the table.


You guys!  After the grand debut of the dining room shelves, you kicked us right into high gear for the long hoped for/dreaded kitchen re-do.  Thanks to your enthusiastically brilliant ideas, we're finally on our way ...


  • The Lord bless you and keep you; 
  • the Lord make His face shine on you 
  • and be gracious to you; 
  • the Lord turn His face toward you 
  • and give you peace.
    Numbers 6:24-26

In His Love

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