Porch #51 * Glimpses

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The LORD gives strength to His people; 
the LORD blesses His people with peace.
Psalm 29:11

Hey Friends ~

If it's Saturday, we're on the porch.  I'm glad you're here!

We've spent half of the past three weeks since Mom died with our girls and their families.  God knew exactly what we needed to start us down a healing path and He opened the door to long-awaited leisurely days doing life together.

Berry picking and shopping.  S'mores and photo albums.  Movies and puzzles.  Petting the dog.  Cradling a tiny one.  Walks and talks and naps.  Laughter and hugs and too much good food.  Dreams of what the future might hold. 

These oh so rare days have been re-calibrating, reminding me that life goes on.  It's God's whispered assurance that yes, all will be well. 

Grief can look like three steps forward, one or two steps back.  Glimpses of a new normal invite me to start feeling like a person again.

For months, my every breath was Lord, have mercy.  These days, I fall asleep simply whispering thank You.


this inspirational Kevin Costner movie

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