Come Hungry

He restores my soul;
He leads me in paths
of righteousness for 
His name's sake.
Psalm 23:3 

We come hungry.

Often we know we are famished.  Parched in spirit.  Other times we don't fully comprehend the impact of the yawning emptiness within.

Our quest for relief becomes relentlessly misguided as we head down yet another wrong path, looking for some thing, some feeling, some person that will satisfy.  We crave a quick fix, an easy solution, a rush of dopamine, a sugar high, the applause of the crowd.  

But only God.

He quenches the thirst and fills the aching void.  He Himself is our ultimate satisfaction, our living water, our spiritual manna, the source of life itself.

Holy Spirit, please do what You do best - comfort, refresh, convict, prompt, guide, protect, calm, and strengthen.  Delight us with Your refreshing presence.  We hunger and thirst for more of You.

Mold us and re-make us to look more like Jesus.  For His name's sake.  Amen and amen.