Porch #52 * Gentle + Kind

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You're back again.  Yay!

I'm all about being gentle and kind to myself.  I know what my body, mind, and soul need to be healthy and strong.  I've learned this the hard way and make no apologies for doing what I need to do especially in the tough seasons.

Like this one.

This week?  Zoning out for an hour or so ... more than once.  Getting a pedicure.  Drinking endless glasses of water.  Gathering snapshots.  Exploring a new devotional book, a gift from my newly-commissioned Stephen Ministry people.  Weeding and planting, mulching and watering.  Shedding tears.  Catching up with a friend over lunch in an empty restaurant.  Watching the sun slip into a hazy horizon.  Eating half-price bowls of New York Super Fudge Chunk with my sister and our guys.  Late afternoon naps.  Ordering a salad instead of bacon pizza.  Sitting quietly with the pile of sympathy cards. 

After all, it's next to impossible to love others deeply if we don't embrace grace for ourselves.  You can't give from an empty cup.  

At least not for long.  Don't even bother trying.

Every time we turn with compassion
toward our pain—

we’re healing.

When we rest, when we breathe,
when we notice the glimmers of sun—
we’re healing.

When we repair with ourselves + others,
when we let ourselves be seen,
when we express our pain,
when we honor where we really are
at this exact time + place—

we’re already healing.
The Deepest Work Newsletter
 June 2021


Tsh just might convince you.

This was Tim's Father's Day gift and we've yet to see a squirrel anywhere near this feeder.  You bird lovers, go splurge.  It's worth every penny.

I keep saying I'm going to try #2 but I haven't gotten there yet.

Jean's second paragraph speaks volumes.  Amen.

I love this.

Speaking of gentle and kind, oldest granddaughter Lydia is in Ghana on a short term missions trip.  Each day their team goes to a few schools to share in large and small groups 'what a vibrant relationship with Jesus looks like and how to live out their faith.'  

When I asked if I could share these pics of her teaching God's Word to these beautiful students, she wrote, 'Oh my goodness please do!!  Tell as many people as you can!  God is doing amazing things here!' 


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Ask yourself, 'What is the gentlest and kindest thing I can do for myself today?'  Do tell ...