Porch #49 * Quietness & Trust

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My dear friends, I love you all.   

Your generous kindness reflects the lavish beauty of our Heavenly Father.  Your empathy and prayers and tender words have cradled me.  My family continues to care for me well.  Every detail of Mom's funeral was lovely and meaningful and we are confident that she is now more alive and whole than she's ever been.  She praises God, she dances with angels, she meets and greets all who went before her.

I wish I could glimpse her in action.

She embraces my dear father, her beloved Jessica and little Tyler, her brothers David and Raymond, her Mom and Dad, and countless friends and loved ones.

And in her wake, she's left a quiet yet powerful Christ-honoring legacy.

Thank You, Thank You, Jesus.

i have stilled and quieted my soul
Psalm 131:2

be still and know that I am God
Psalm 46:10

peace I leave you
John 14:27

in quietness and trust is your strength
Isaiah 30:15



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