4 Somethings in May * Think Pink

Um ... where did May go?

When spiritual director / author Jean Wise debuted her own unique 4 Somethings a few months back, they hit me as so joyful, free, and light.  She generously has allowed me to use the Somethings she has chosen ...  something wise, something wonderful, something whispered, something whimsical.

I've dipped way back into the archives and dusted off a few tidbits to share as we get ready to flip the calendar and roll headfirst into June.  You'll find the links to the original posts in case something catches your eye. 


Wonder of wonders, as we get out of our own way, we begin to lean into the delightful discovery that the same powerful God who spun the universe into existence is more than capable to carry through His wise and wonderful plans.  Often with little, if any, help from us.

If we're brave enough to gaze at our unclothed image in a full length mirror, are we filled with wonder and awe at His marvelous creation, so fearfully and wonderfully made?

The older we get, the less likely we are to be delighted at what stares back at us.  For the years take their merciless toll as our strength wanes, our skin sags, and the numbers on the scale creep higher.  Our muscles loosen up and scars' jagged lines appear here and there, faded but still real, a striking testament to our suffering, disease, and injuries.  Weird aches, chronic pain, diagnoses that leave us shaken to the core, scary medical procedures, and sudden emergencies only serve to remind us that we are aging daily.

Yet the soul, the sacred place where the Spirit chooses as a dwelling place, is mysteriously housed in this imperfect frame.  If we can somehow re-calibrate our waning self-image to match that splendid truth, perhaps we would discover a life-altering invitation to a more deliberate, focused care of our bodies.

The Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint, and we're wise to continue the journey at a speed that we find comfortable, keeping in step with the Author and Finisher of our faith, and paying close attention to His whispered prompting for our individual next right steps.  They will always draw you closer to Jesus.

A rhythm, a flow emerges as everything that's within comes together.  Fingertips speed over keyboard with little hesitation.  And our labor of love is birthed, often messy and incomplete as it bursts forth.  We pause to let the offering marinate, return to massage it again and again, and have the pleasure of watching our heart-words finally pull together and take wings.  As we follow His lead, this whimsically creative process accomplishes what He pleases.

All your kindness, prayers, notes, and cards ... and the rhythm of blogging itself ... are keeping me company during this fragile, seemingly endless season. We're making our way through unfamiliar territory, but the Lord keeps on whispering peace as He cradles us gently.  His mercies are fresh and new each morning ... sometimes every hour.



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