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A Sunshine-y Weekend to You πŸŒž!

These are the days we live for ... the greening and brightening of creation, the perfection of warmth and weather, wind and waves.

And just in case I thought the world couldn't spin without me, I sprained my ankle two days ago.  Badly.  I'm not going anywhere for the time being except to awkwardly scoot around three rooms.  

These days, Mom's long and winding Homeward journey has her in a place where she's not missing me, not asking for me.  And, surprisingly, I'm at peace with that reality even though I can't be there to hold her hand or whisper a prayer in her ear.

It's a bit of a gentle lesson lest I think I'm indispensable.  Well-taken, Lord. 


A special welcome to all you new subscribers this week!  May PORCH happily become part of your weekly rhythm, gently leading you into whatever kind of weekend awaits.  {And if you haven't subscribed, I'd say now might just be the perfect time.  Click here!}


I splurged on Emily Lux's charming water-colored baking tea-towels for my girls ... and me!  Her gardening tea-towel is so much fun, too.  Fair warning - these babies sell out quick.

When it comes to friendships, it's ok to be the planner.

I'm a big fan of Ed's work.

Being 'fully present' is more than a trendy phrase for these international workers.  Talk about being the hands and feet of Christ.  Here's a unique glimpse.   


This weekend's E-BOOK DEAL BOOKBAG

My choice for non-fiction is The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning 
- $2.99.
'A love story for the brokenhearted.  For those who are burdened by heavy religion.  For those who feel they can never measure up.  It is a provocative and poignant look at the radical, no-holds-barred love of our Heavenly Father.  It is a message that will forever change how you view God.'

And fiction?  Patti {Becoming Mrs. Lewis} Callahan's When Light Breaks - $4.99
'About all the things that make us worthy as human beings—integrity, honesty, and living the life you are meant to live.…A triumph!'
- Dorothea Benton Frank
'A passionate, unforgettable novel of self-discovery, regret, and the illuminating power of love.'
- Mary Alice Monroe

Scroll down my E-Book Deal page to scoop up more bargains.  Because it's about that time to wander out to your hammock with a good read in hand.  The yardwork can wait.  

Bless your open windows, your budding garden, your tender heart ~

Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you.
- Psalm 116:7.



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