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It's Memorial Weekend, Friends!

Whether you've got an umbrella in hand or find yourself grabbing the sunscreen, I hope this edition of PORCH finds you getting rejuvenated as we roll quickly into the calendar-packed madness we call June!

The ice cream shops 'round these parts are re-opening ... and this one serves a delectable Chocolate Blizzard with huge chunks of Reese's peanut butter cups submerged in chilled chocolate creaminess.  Oh, be still my heart.

I digress.

Around here, the month ahead is usually the time for a family reunion ... this year even more so as my sister and her husband move here to the Cape, to the same little town we've all called 'home' since childhood.  We haven't lived near each other in about half a century and to say that I'm excited is a bit of an understatement.

The perfection of God's timing.  He knew we'd need to be together again.


I'm not only aware but am grateful that the online blogging circles I run around in consist primarily of Christ-followers whose values stem from their personal faith in Him, even as we embody a variety of theological bents, faith practices, political leanings, and such.  

I honor that reality and value it highly.  'As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another' {Proverbs 27:17}.  The body of Christ is wonderfully diverse and delightfully so, and it won't be 'til heaven that we realize the glory of the depth and breadth of the family of God as we worship Him together, 'every nation and tribe and people and tongue' {Revelation 7:9}.

Our faith and our values are beautifully intertwined and this grace-and-truth wisdom is what we bring to the communities we do life with.  If we say we value inviting people into a relationship with Christ, we must be sure that the relationship we're modeling and the way we're interacting is always rooted in His lavish lovingkindness and compassionate mercy.

'I lament that we find excuse after excuse not to suffer with our suffering neighbor, that we keep our distance from those we disagree with.  I lament that we decide who is unholy and then steer clear of them – something Jesus never did, never does.  I lament that we don’t listen to those who are crying out in pain.  I lament that we cannot simply name racism evil and sinful without qualifying it.  And I lament the log in my own eye as well.' 

'Here are four evils that pass too often for good in Christian leadership. There are nuances to each, which is why the best lens through which to read this post is not to start judging other leaders, but to look inside and wonder if you’ve been guilty of some of it too.  I know in different seasons of my life, I’ve been more than capable of all of it.'

*  Katy Nichole's stunning In Jesus Name captured my heart earlier this week mostly because this is how I've been praying for Mom as she transitions toward heaven.  But then the horrific shooting at the school in Texas happened ... 


Peace, Be Still ~

Lest I be misunderstood, I have no ax to grind nor any lurking agenda.  Today's post is not aimed toward any specific person, group, or church.  

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