The Grace of Guarding & Cherishing Your Creativity

We've all been given a sweet spot of creative time.  Optimally, it's a daily gift.

These are our most productive moments for we're sharp and alert and right on top of our game.

We get to choose what we want to do with those precious minutes. Or wide open hours. Whatever they may be.

For those of us who find great joy in setting words onto paper, our spacious space is quiet and undistracted.  The urgent must-dos are out of the way.  Our heads are clear and focused, our hearts unfold wide, listening to the Spirit's beckoning.

The awaiting creative sparks have room to spin and soar, random ideas and words and phrases pour forth and knit themselves together, sometimes surprising us with the force of their unexpected arrival. 

A rhythm, a flow emerges as everything that's within comes together.  Fingertips speed over keyboard with little hesitation.  And our labor of love is birthed, often messy and incomplete as it bursts forth.  We pause to let the offering marinate, return to massage it again and again, and have the pleasure of watching our heart-words finally pull together and take wings.

As we follow His lead, this whimsically creative process accomplishes what He pleases.

Blogging.  Working on your manuscript.  Designing lesson plans, a seminar, or a sermon.  Journaling.  Penning poetry or a love letter.  Agenda setting.  Brainstorming some sort of an out-of-the-box project.

Maybe you're not a wordsmith but you've just gotta nail down that tune that won't leave your head.  Or spend time in the kitchen, kneading yeasty, warm dough.  Head out the door to explore an unknown path, camera at the ready.  Quilt tiny stitches on gorgeous fabric or maybe plunge your hands down deep and dirty in the richest of soil.  Splash paint on a blank canvas with wild abandon.  Wield some kind of tool in your awaiting workshop.


Sure, we can produce work at other times of day or night.  But it often ends up forced or hollow or stilted.  And we wonder what's going on for us.  Not to worry.  It's just not your best time, that's all.

Discover and embrace, guard and cherish your sweet spot of creative time.  This sacred space is an incredible grace to enjoy, with the end result going forth as a needed encouragement for another soul.

For when all is said and done, it's all about blessing others.

May our offerings reflect His heart.  And may He prosper the work of our hands.


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