When Life Hands You Lemons

Let's just say that 75% of what was rather confidently scrawled onto this month's calendar never took place.

*  *  *
I'll be honest with you.

In the waves of disappointment and frustration that flowed during recent weeks, I did more than my fair share of moaning and groaning, my husband and I {usually} patient in allowing each other to verbally wrestle through some befuddling occurrences.

Personally, this season of Lent and time of sparse online interaction has been a very good thing, opening up some substantial moments with the One who has allowed those upheavals and changes, the closed doors and unbidden surprises.

For while I'm sure that the enemy wanted to sow seeds of doubt and fear, God is in the business of turning lemons into lemonade.  So to speak {Genesis 50:20}.  For while much has been unsettling, it hasn't been a wasted experience.  He has revealed some awesome things about His character, His faithful heart, and His exquisite timing that left me smiling and whispering a quiet 'amen' from time to time.

The whole ordeal is serving as a powerful reminder that the writer of Proverbs wasn't kidding when he penned, 'many are the plans of a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails' {Proverbs 19:21}.

I've been reminded once again for the need to fully process our very real emotions and not to shove them into some dark spooky crevice of our souls.  To unpack the messy stuff with someone who's safe and sane and confidently pray together for God's will to become crystal clear.  To journal through weird seasons even as we claim gratitude for all God is inviting us to in the midst of the unsteadiness.

Let me encourage you to toss your pen to the wind and use a pencil to jot down appointments, obligations, and plans ... and be sure that a big eraser is close at hand.  Because life happens and chances are you'll need to delete, adjust, and reconfigure.


As Pastor Rick Warren says, 'It will dramatically lower the frustration level in your life if you remember it is not all up to you.'

So, go ahead, friend.  Squeeze those lemons with glee.  Make something sweet and zesty even as you choose to give thanks for God's steady presence in the midst of all that's swirling around you.  I'd be happy, joyful really, to share a glass or two of lemonade with you as we chat about what we're learning in the waiting room.