6 Books * Taking a Breather From the Break

The sweeping winds howl outside, ferocious rain pelting against rattling windows as stormy gusts make their wild presence known.  As winter makes its noisy exit, I'm more than happy to crack open the ol' laptop and cast my blogging break to the side, ready to chat books with you once again.

My fingers are eagerly renewing their acquaintance with the keyboard which has been quite idle for weeks now.  Celebrating the beginning of my 10th year of blogging by taking a break from its familiar cadence has been a breathe of fresh air, a needed grace.

Yes, abundance comes to call when we get courageous enough to do life unplugged, gently laying aside the comfort zone that our online travels provide, and freeing ourselves up to discover what awaits unhindered when we're finally untethered from our beloved screens.

One sweet benefit of ratcheting back our online hours is that we can lend fuller attention to volumes gathered here and there that have been patiently whispering, 'pick me, pick me.'  This, the priceless gift of paper and ink, a gathering of stories and adventures and invitations begging to be welcomed and embraced.

Books make the finest companions, don't they?  Always ready and waiting whenever we choose to spend time in their presence, yet without fierce demand on our energies.  Quiet company on long late evenings or a needed distraction during spare moments grabbed here and there.

Like these ...

Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path
Erin Loechner
Coffee table book? Memoir? Workbook?

When Erin hits the publish button on her blog, I'm there.  Even if she's penning observations about shoes or smoothies or children's clothes ... it matters not to me because her writing style is so winsome and her words captivating.  I find slow and gentle oh so very appealing.

She writes, 'This book is a work of creative nonfiction.  This means I can write a true story about my life but still throw a dinner party and invite those whose names might have been changed.'

Photos, snapshots, space for you to jot your thoughts, sidebar treats.  This lifestyle volume is a lovely treat.

Shelly Miller
No doubt, Shelly's book will remain one of my top favorites this year.  This is a gentle invitation to sabbath loveliness, not sabbath legalism.  Shelly weaves her compelling discoveries with the stories of women she's connected with along the way.  It's a slow, thoughtful read that will leave you yearning to establish this grace into your own life's rhythm, one paragraph, one chapter at a time.

Loved this spiritual invitation, Shelly's soothing style, her godly wisdom.  Absolutely.  A fabulous personal treasure ... or an important discussion starter.

A Fall of Marigolds & Lady in Waiting
Susan Meissner
If your book club hasn't met Susan, let me be the first to introduce her.  Her well crafted storylines weave themselves together over great spans of time.  These are pages you just can't put down.

Marigolds features a beautiful fragile scarf that unites the stories of two women in NYC ... one in 1911, the other in 2011.  These are stories of tragedy and fire and bodies falling from buildings ... life permanently altered for women who've loved and lost, slowly making their way to the other side of grief.

And Lady features a 1600's bejeweled ring worn by royalty, the name 'Jane' inscribed on the band's smooth inner surface that finds its way into the hands of a modern day 'Jane' even as her marriage hits rock bottom.

Just superb.  Plan on savoring this author's stories late into the wee hours.

Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living
Tsh Oxenreider
Get ready to roll up your sleeves with this spiral bound hardcover or perhaps just skim through for creative homemaking ideas.  Sublime photos ... and scads of charts, inventories, templates, worksheets, checklists, and tips fill Tsh's motivating pages.

This is a treat for any homemaker who wants inspiration, reflective questions, and a clear guide forward.

The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass: Beach Comber's Edition: Finding, Collecting, Identifying, and Using the Ocean's Most Beautiful Stones
Mary Beth Beuke
Here's a gift for all you beach scavengers who can't wait another day til you hit the shorelines again.  This huge, hefty book is a treasure trove of gorgeous images of my favorite frosted collectible ... and fascinating stories on how the ocean's magnificent pounding waves turn discarded glass into rare, stunning finds.


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