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Matthew 5:14 
{The Message}

Happy weekend!

Five months a year, most things outdoors are decidedly gray on the Cape.  Sky, trees, shingled houses, any and all bodies of water, roads, wooded vistas, stone driveways.  No surprise then when a bright blue sky makes its way to the forefront of an ordinary day, she always catches my attention and the gray slowly fades into oblivion.

Color has such an incredible impact on our outlook and our attitude and makes her presence known in the most delightful ways.  So when I saw pictures of this truly awesome pink {yes, pink} lake, I immediately knew what direction this weekend's PORCH was headed.   

So grab a hot mug and a soft blanket ... get comfy and enjoy browsing through this rainbow of goodies -

🌈   my blues scrapbook

What's your favorite colors?  Do you wear them, create with them, or what?

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No, my marriage is not perfect thank you very much ... but we've been talking about it this week anyway.

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