What's Saving My Life * The Blues Scrapbook

Hey gang, let's talk about what's saving our lives in this bleak mid-winter season.  

More than a few people reading this post would say they're experiencing the blues - depressed spirits, despondency, melancholy.

Is it any wonder?

But I'm talking a different kind of blues, the life-giving kind.  

Those captivating blues whose shades and hues, textures and images are absolutely unending!  Capturing them with my lens is one of my favorite life savers.  I sense myself relaxing as I steal a glimpse, frame a shot, capture an extraordinarily ordinary moment.  

I sigh quietly and deeply with satisfaction when an image turns out even better than I thought, to see yellows and pinks, purples and reds come right alongside my favorite color in perfect harmony. 

Serenity and tranquility surround me, phone in hand.  But I'm not clutching that baby to endlessly doomscroll or check email.  I keep my eyes peeled for the perfect vision, a sight I want to remember, that unique 'Kodak moment.'  

And in doing so, my creativity is stirred, my eyes notice God's creation and His everyday gifts in a fresh way, my thoughts are reoriented, my senses are captivated, my stress fades into oblivion.

I'll crop my favorite shots.  That's all.  I know nothing about filters and gadgets and weird looking icons and such.

All is well.  I'm so grateful.

Enjoy ...


What's saving your life?  How do you put your creative energies to work to defeat the blues, the news, the isolation, the fear that so easily comes to call these days?

And what's God inviting you to in the process?

~  If you are struggling with depression, please click here for helpful information.

2/2024 UPDATE
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