Melt My Heart

This summer, it'll be 50 years since I met my husband. 


That's half a century.

I can't even.

With our 46th anniversary around the corner, it's hit me that there's a couple of phrases he's come to quietly say when I honestly speak where I'm coming from.   

I know.


I'm sorry.

That kind of tenderly spoken empathy soothes me.  Those gentle words don't necessarily mean he agrees {although that's nice when it happens}.  They simply let me know I've been heard.  

I feel validated.  Comforted.  Known and accepted despite my endless parade of faults, frailties, and fears.

I'm not looking to be fixed or corrected.  He knows that now.  The Holy Spirit takes care of that kind of business and He does it well.

My heart melts at my husband's verbal caresses.  

I know they are not his chosen love language.  So whenever he steps out of his comfort zone to offer me the words of affirmation I yearn for, I fall more deeply in love with him ... yet again.

Linda 💘

He's emptying the dishwasher even as we speak.  Bonus points.

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Photo by Lum3n from Pexels