On the Porch & In the Garden & Sharing the Love

Good Last Day of April to You!

It's time for one of those random weekend On the Porch offerings.

The fireplace is burning brightly early today ... it's been damp and rainy, but oh my, the little gardens are loving it.  The herbs and lone tomato plant are soaking up all nature's goodness.  The daffodils and hyacinths are still making their colorful presence quite obvious.  The glory of the azaleas that are badly in need of a good pruning ... so pretty.  

And the roses are looking healthy and strong only because the rabbits haven't shown up for a late April feast.

The tiger lilies from Mom's backyard have mostly been mostly transplanted and they seem content to put down their roots in this locale.  There are a few newer bushes that look like they're not all that sure if they want to bother coming back to life.  The compost has been turned over and again.  The mulch has been spruced up and redistributed, fertilizer put to good use. 

Oh and yes, 'we' pulled out a very ugly tree.

The birds are going crazy at the feeders and have been checking out the birdhouse.  For some reason they're completely ignoring the birdbath that was also hauled from Mom's place and given center stage in the backyard.

The sun is trying mightily to make her golden presence known.  

I love spring.

Speaking of making our presence known, if we are writers or creators of some sort, we pretty much do it for the love of the craft, not necessarily to be noticed or acclaimed or paid large sums of money.  But still ... it's awful nice when someone says, 'hey, this might be worth reading.'

*  And Andrew in Don't Do What I Did.

*  Lisa wrote, This week’s featured post also offers us advice. Specifically, marriage advice. But we can use it for any close relationship. You’ll discover lots of nuggets in this post.

Of the 8 pitfalls, #5 was particularly slippery for me during the pandemic. 

Read all 8 pitfalls from our blogging friend Linda Stoll. You can trust Linda to always give you solid advice. 

*  And Richella said, If you're looking for some really good marriage advice, I highly recommend this post from Linda Stoll, who just celebrated her 45th anniversary. I have to confess that I giggled a little when I recently saw a marriage book written by authors who confided that they'd been married almost 20 years. I have two rules for marriage advice: I only take it from people who have made it through at least 30 years together, and I only take it from people who have been through some really tough times. Marriage is wonderful, but it's not easy!

Thanks, friends, for sharing the love.

I gotta run now.  My sister's coming over for a cup of tea.  Maybe she'll help me pull some weeds?

Thanks for all those prayers for family members hit by covid.  All three grandkiddos are recovering well.  BTW, please don't believe the lie that children don't get covid, ok?  'Nuff said.


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