Tip-toeing Through the Liminal Space

Greetings, friends!  I'm so glad you've joined me for this month's e-zine.  My heart is filled with gratitude for you, wise and cherished readers.  You are the best encouragers, cheerleaders, mentors, trailblazers, creatives, sojourners, companions.

We're flipping to the final calendar page of 2020.  It was the year that was.  We've talked incessantly, written repeatedly, prayed fervently, trying to process all that's assailed us.  We speak what is true about where we find ourselves, we validate the very real emotions we continue to face.  

We let each other know that we are not alone.  We build hope generously laced with kindness and respect into each other's lives.  Our online connection lends some sort of steadying rhythm in the midst of all that's become distressingly topsy-turvy.

I am so sick of talking about covid.  I despise the ways it has taken over our lives.

The pandemic is still at the forefront and we wait and wonder and battle the reality of emotional fatigue, the ever-present overwhelm over continuously changing uncertainties, the confusing updates in safety and travel guidelines.  Covid testing sites seem to be elusive as hen's teeth and the hopeful distribution of a vaccine has us pondering if we really want to be guinea pigs. 

We're sorrowing over missed family milestones and celebrations.  Many are leery of gathering indoors to worship.  We have learned, often painfully, that we control very little in life.  Many have been navigating through major decisions and discovering that the best laid plans must be held in wide open hands.  We lament the continued suffering, the growing numbness, the losses that are hitting near home.  

We find ourselves in uncharted territory ... the liminal space between how life used to be and what life will become.  We're neither here nor there, and this weird transition leaves us kind of hanging in mid-air, fragile and vulnerable, prime targets for the enemy of our souls.

But this is my testimony, my end of 2020 story ...

Our God is strong and steady as a rock.  He has not changed one single bit even though much around our souls has given way.  He has proved Himself compassionately faithful in the midst of debilitating pain and anxiety, life-altering decisions and ongoing lament.  

He is our all-knowing Guide.  

And the huge sense of relief and the deepest gratitude that's emerged from following Him repeatedly through the next open door outweighs the myriad of frustrations, disappointments, and sadness that have woven their way into this year.  

What a wonderful Savior.

Bless you as we sit quietly and discover the spiritual treasures in store for us this Advent season.  May the Spirit guide us into refreshing new rhythms and deeper grace as He continues to whisper, 'this is the way, walk ye in it' {Isaiah 30:21}.


P.S. #1  I spent a whole evening penning the usual monthly e-zine, complete with links and commentary on books, surprise treasured finds, my home reorganizing saga, and musings about Christmas.  But after sharing my heart so deeply, it just didn't feel right to tack on the fun stuff.  I think you understand.  Maybe another day?

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