On the Porch * Red Berries Edition

Brrr.  Good chilly weekend to you!

Not surprisingly, the porch has become mighty cold this week ... and so I've rather reluctantly tidied it up and put it to bed for the winter.  The floors have been swept and the furniture cozied up with old threadbare flannel sheets.  And yes, old bottles and other odds and ends remain behind, patiently biding their time 'til I can figure out where they should land next in our rather small house.

In keeping with my quirky decorating philosophy, red berried wreaths have been hanging on the doors of our home all year.  This week, I treated myself to an exquisite frosted berry swag from TJ Maxx and it's already been draped along the mantle.

Layer ... The Key to Transitioning Your Seasonal Home shares the whats and whys of my homekeeping philosophy that's ended up lending peace and sanity to our four walls.  In this era of confusion, unknowns, and 'lots of moving parts,' how lovely to invite your home into a gentle rhythm that subtly morphs from one season to the next.

Because drastic changes in our home-sweet-homes are the last thing we need right about now.


If you're looking for a stunning Christmas gift {or are a Sarah Young fan}, be sure to look at Jesus Calling For Christmas.  I feel like a kid in a candy store with this book in hand, a warm quilt, a mug of tea.

Filled with soothing, personal, Christ-centered devotional readings, favorite Scripture, and stunning wintertime photography {more berries!}, this is a gorgeous book.  This Christmas, one that's even more stressful than most, I encourage you to think about selecting what I call 'a signature gift' to wrap up for your people.  

This could be it.  

Make it easy on yourself and buy the hardcover edition by the crate right here and your shopping will be done.  There is also a Kindle edition.  And yes, as an Amazon associate, I may reap a small financial profit when you purchase using the links above.


And speaking of links, here's a few goodies to savor as you curl up in your favorite chair ...

11 Reminders From Your Mom If You're Having a Bad Day

Kate Arends

'I'm sure you've heard the phrase "self-parenting" before, and while the concept makes sense at first blush, learning to parent yourself is often a lifelong journey.'

A Few Helpful Thoughts about Hard Seasons

Lois Flowers

'Some seasons arrive sooner than expected, others stay long enough to completely wear out their welcome, Either way, their duration is largely out of our control.'

Holiday Gift Guide

Propel Women

'This guide isn’t just an online catalog filled with things for you to purchase — we have prayerfully curated each gift set to equip and empower the individual callings of your family members, friends, and coworkers.'

Why Our Family Room Looks Like a Hotel Lobby

The Nester

'We ended up with three black sofas in our tiny family room and although it’s unorthodox, weird and breaking a few rules, we don’t hate it.'

The Psalms Dare Us to Bring Our Whole Selves Before God

Tish Harrison Warren

'Emotions can be destructive forces if they jump the banks—if they overwhelm all else, determine the whole course of our lives, dictate our responses to others, or become centered as the only true or real thing about our experience of life.'

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Christianity Today

'There’s something for everyone, and that too is part of the beauty of reading.  All of us are transported to new landscapes and conversations that influence how we live and care for one another.'

Light a Candle

Linda Stoll

'As we focus more on His sustaining presence in our lives, 'the things of earth' begin to take their rightful place.  We become less self-absorbed, overwhelmed, rattled, and disappointed.'


If you live on Cape Cod, please join me as I facilitate The Women's Pandemic Holiday Support Group, a cozy yet socially distanced gathering around the warmth of the Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church narthex fireplace.   

We'll be meeting for three Thursdays, beginning December 3rd.  The church is located on Rt. 6A in Brewster.  Registration is required and is limited to ten women.   We've got only 4 seats left!  Check out the details on the pandemic support page.  See you there?

I'd love it.

No matter where you find yourself, may your Thanksgiving be blessed with tranquility ~



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