In Which I Interrupt My Own Blogging Break

Dearest Readers ~

Hey, how are ya' doing!

I'm loving my blogging break ... puttering outside in the garden, gathering with small groups of friends, ice cream runs, leading a Women's Pandemic Support Group, staying pretty much offline and away from the news, hoping for a jaunt or two over the bridge to the 'mainland,' anticipating the future even as I savor the two steps forward one step back cadence of autumn's arrival.

I'm dropping by to share a new page on the website with you, a gathering place for pandemic resources.  I plan to keep it updated often as life continues to unfold.  

Click pandemic support to catch up on all the conversations we've shared about the tremendous impact of the coronavirus on every aspect of our lives.  Some music that will soothe your soul.  Scriptures to build your faith.

And for you Cape Codders, info on Round #2 of a Women's Pandemic Support Group that God has serendipitously pulled together.

I hope you are well and finding mid-September to be offering you pockets of sheer delight right in the middle of ongoing change, uncertainty, and busyness.

If you haven't subscribed to the blog, there's no better time than the present!  Head right over here.

May the Spirit gently still your soul in the midst of it all ~