What Makes You Smile?

Hi Friends ~

I've begun to purposely take notice of what makes me smile.  Not a goofy grin, but a warm glow that comes from a sight, a sound, a scent, a touch ... springing forth from a calm heart, a mind at ease, a body at rest, an expectant spirit.

It's being outdoors.

A lunchtime picnic with my husband.  A few hours spent with a friend, our feet tucked in the sand.  A brisk walk around the neighborhood.  Designing little gardens edged with vintage brick.  

Curling up somewhere comfy with a book.  Beachcombing on the shoreline with a couple of eager granddaughters.  Taking pictures of whatever catches my eye as I go through the day.  Attempting a nap on the hammock at the edge of the woods.  

I'm craving outdoors and all that good stuff that breathes life, that offers a sense of place, that makes gratitude bubble up.

It dawned on me the past few days that dusk is arriving earlier and earlier and that summer is waning by the minute.  After waiting so long for its arrival, now I'm wishing it wasn't fading away so quickly.

So I'm going to take some time off from being online.   

Unplugging to recharge.

I read somewhere recently that you shouldn't make a big deal and tell your readers every time you take a break.  But when you're doing life in the company of others, it seems just a tad inconsiderate to vanish into thin air without saying 'see ya' later.' 

I feel strangely relieved at the prospect of pretty much abandoning my laptop, not careening from pillar to post online, and letting my phone rest a spell.  A week, a month, somewhere in between?

I feel His pleasure in this early September decision.

What's making you smile as wisps of autumn approach?

Love to you ~


 “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place 
and get some rest.”
Mark 6:31


i'll be back!