Stop With the Excuses

It all started with one of those emails from the church, a woman's scooter accident, a badly injured leg, requests for prayer ... and for meals.

I said a quick prayer, shut down the computer, and went on my way.  She was someone I had said 'hi' to a few times here and there but I really didn't know her and it had been eons since I had taken a meal to someone I didn't know.

But through the hours that followed, God kept whispering, 'take her a meal ... take her a meal ... take her a meal.'

And finally I said 'yes' to Him and to Meal Train and to my church family.

Yes, I'm a part of this Body.  Yes, I will step up to the plate.  Yes, I'm done looking for reasons why I can't ... or more accurately, why I won't.

I suppose this sounds like no big deal to you, right?  Someone's in need, the church sends out a call and you say, 'yes, of course I'll bring a meal.'  But truth be told, if you're introverted or kind of new, it can be hard if we don't know the person, have no idea where they live, aren't sure what to whip up in the kitchen, don't really feel like a part of things, don't know alot of people.

Blah, blah, blah.

Oh what we've missed along the way in serving others, in honoring Christ, because we felt uncomfortable, or didn't want to be inconvenienced, were simply far too self-absorbed ... or {gasp} just plain lazy.  And it has little to do with being introverted or new in town.

Stop it.

Stop with our endless variety of lame excuses why we're not reaching out the way we've been called to.

Stop waiting around for some kind of gold plated invitation to get involved, to serve lavishly, to love well.

My husband's been noticing an unmet need in our community in recent days.  Actually it's been a few years.  I've been nudging him to go for it, to step up to the table, to use his giftedness and his experience, to kick his vision into gear.

Too bad I haven't been taking my own advice.

On Sunday afternoon, I chopped up a whole bunch of stuff for a big ol' chef salad.  Grabbed a Pillsbury brownie mix and rolled out my infamous Mom's Biscuits.  Put the oven to work.  We hopped in the car and I had the loveliest visit with the sweetest woman who radiated Christ to me.  I got to pray with her.

I left full and overflowing ... strangely relieved and at peace.  Finally obedient to a simple request God had placed right in front of me.

No more excuses.

Forgive me, Lord, for the ways I've let You and my church family down.  You know my heart ... and You love me just the same.

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