Friday, July 12, 2019

On the Porch * Random Weekend Conversations

'Let's go sit on the porch!!'

That's what I'd say if you made your way down the winding drive and dropped in for a visit.

On the Porch debuts today ... occasional weekend conversations with you and me chatting about whatever ends up on the table.

Think open house + small group + your BFF + book club + your therapist + TGIF all coming together to join forces!

You never know who or what's going to show up.  I like that.

  I might serve up some Scripture or some music that's hitting close to home, a bit of link love, a snapshot or two, or an 'aha' moment that's too awesome to keep to myself.

  This is the place for all my fabulous blogging friends to link up your finest post of the past week ... I want to give you every opportunity to get the word out about your amazing-ness.

  After four years, Dear Linda is finally back again!  Ask your questions about relationship challenges, social media stuff, ministry leadership, homekeeping quandaries, healthy living issues.  I promise to listen well to your heart and attempt to offer you some encouraging insight ... or maybe a bit of straight talk.

Click here to read a few Dear Linda posts. 

Keep in mind that I'm a board certified pastoral counselor and a certified life coach ... not a doctor, lawyer, magician, biblical scholar, miracle worker, or licensed mental health professional.

I'd love to hear what's on your mind.


The bookish links that didn't make this week's My 12 Best Summertime Books simply because the post was already way long.

Enjoy ...
How to Find Time to Read
Kristin @ White Arrows Home

Anne Bogel

6 Reasons Why Introverts Make the Best Writers
Christine Berhard

Ruth Haley Barton

Erin Loechner

Jerusalem Jackson Greer

Lisa Burgess


So very happy that you're here with me ~
Go ahead!  Share your week's best writing, whisper a Dear Linda question {yes, you can be anonymous}, chat about one or two of these bookish links, or simply sit back and enjoy.

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  1. Today the blade came down again,
    and dropped me to my knees.
    Is there no refuge from pain?
    Oh, Father, hear me, please!
    Can this cup not pass from me?
    I've already had so much.
    Is there still chance for victory,
    a place for healing touch?
    "My son, if you can but hang on,
    you've nearly run your race.
    Think of those who depend upon
    your example for their faith.
    I knew that you would see it through;
    that's why I gave this task to you."

    1. He is running with you, carrying you, Andrew. You are not alone ...

      I'm praying for you and Barbara right now even as we speak.

      'Peace, be still.'

  2. This sounds so exciting! I can't wait to see what all you share here in this comforting place.

    1. Oh Cheryl, thanks for your enthusiasm! I look forward to getting to know you better in the days ahead ...

  3. Hi, Linda!
    It would be so much fun to sit an a porch with you! I just know it would be great!
    I'll share this week's favorite post and tell you that it's the first time my husband has ever shared one of my blog posts on FB...

    1. Wow. I love when our men support us by either actually reading, commenting, or sharing something we've written.

      That means the world, doesn't it, friend ...

      I'm not sure they realize how much.

  4. I so love your lists, Linda. Glad to see this On the Porch addition! I've already opened several tabs from your links and now am surprised to see my own here. Thanks for sharing. :)

    I wrote this today on my blog about accidentally assuming someone was NOT an American when he really was. :( I must stop jumping to conclusions.

    And now I'm off to read your links!

    1. Yep, we're all prone to jump to conclusions ... hopefully those we encounter will smile and give us a bit of grace.


  5. Oh, wow, Linda, this is such a great idea! Looking forward to sitting on the front porch with you in the weeks and months to come.
    Here's a link to my latest:
    Blessings, my friend!

    1. Thanks for sharing your detours, Martha. Here I go to see what you've penned ...

  6. What a lovely way to spend a Friday! I do wish I could actually sit with you one of these days. Love the "Dear Linda" part. Dear Linda-- how does one best reengage with the social media and writing world after she did so well at disengaging and struggles with feeling worthy of connection? Heavy question. Oh this return to writing isn't easy but as I told my therapist this week-- I'm committed to this regardless of the numbers but because I believe God has a purpose in bringing me back to my writing home. Thank you for your encouragement along with way-- always!!

    1. Beth, hi! And thanks for your honesty. I'm guessing that your question resonates with many of us in one way or another.

      We'll go there on our next Porch post.

      Meanwhile, it sure is lovely to have you writing again. I always was a fan ...


  7. I enjoyed the bookish links. Re women reading -- my husband reads a lot, just not books. He reads a lot of news articles and such. I found a must-have book mentioned in the post about finding time to read -- The Last Castle, about the Biltmore House, one of my favorite places to visit. I loved that author's previous book, The Girls of Atomic City, about the rise of a secret town near us for the purpose of producing uranium for the yet unknown to the public atomic bomb during WWII. That one was fascinating, so I am sure this will be as well. Put it on my birthday wish list! I do much of what the article lists in finding time to read, though I hadn't thought to categorize it that way. And I'd figure introverts would be good writers since they spend a lot of time processing things and usually express themselves better in writing.

    My favorite post this week is When Your World Is Shaken:

    Not to overstep the invitation, but I also posted one I am seeking input for, a survey about receiving newsletters:

    Thanks so much for the visit on your porch!

    1. DEAR READERS! Be sure to head over to Barbara's place to take her cool survey on newsletters.

      It will be helpful to her ... and I'm curious to hear all about the results!

  8. I love how you nurture one and all, Linda. Your hospitality is so welcoming. Looking forward to rocking to and fro on this porch of yours.

  9. Good idea this allowing your readers to link their posts here. I have just posted about the Commandment "You will not covet your neighbour's ..." I wonder what you make of it.

    God bless.

  10. I've said for years it's been my dream to visit the best libraries of the world! So loved that post you shared of photographs of world libraries. I thought I was the only one with that dream! Now I don't feel so weird about it! haha! I've shared it and bookmarked so can start making plans...may be far off but one small step at a time. Thank you for all the links here!

    1. Oh cool, Lynn! A fascinating goal, for sure ...

      Please be sure to write about your bookish adventures!

  11. My creative and inspiring friend, Thank You! Great idea! Always love you sharing your wisdom, research, and insight!

  12. I love your "On the Porch" concept, Linda. Sounds like a wonderful, welcoming place to visit. I will be back for sure! :)

  13. I look forward to sitting here on the porch with you. I already see several links which I will read with my next cup of coffee!

  14. I LOVE chats on the porch! I'll bring my iced tea - and look forward to these posts!!

  15. I always love spending time with you. Thank you for inviting me to sit on the porch awhile with you. I have been interested in Lectio Divina and the process of diving deeper. Ruth Haley Barton explained it well. Have you ever dived deeper into Lectio Divina?

    1. Yes, Ruth is a superb spiritual guide, Mary.

      No, I've tried Lectio Divina a few times but it didn't work for me. What I do appreciate is just sitting with whatever Scripture I'm reading for the day and stopping when a few words speak to me. I simply reflect on those words, repeating them to myself, breathing deeply until they become embedded in my soul.

      While I don't do Bible memorization like I did when I was a little girl, this way of hiding God's Word in my heart has blessed and calmed me often. It focuses me on the power and the beauty of His Word for the here and now.

      Praise God for sending His Spirit here until the work is done.