Loose Ends * The May 2018 Edition

At the end of every month, I happily pull together life's most recent personal bits and pieces ... the snapshots, the links, the discoveries, the resources, all the stuff I'd want to yak about if we could put our feet up and linger together over a cup of coffee.

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the braids

One of my few claims to fame is the heavy thick hair I've passed down to my daughters and their kids.  {My dad used to say I needed to walk through a door sideways because of my unkempt, wild-child mane.}  But these girls' rich gorgeous colors have nothing to do with me and everything to do with their ancestors on the other side of the family.

I only wish I had looked this good when I was in my teens ... and late 30s.

the song

During the last month or so, I've found myself singing 3 words repeatedly.  Every good thing, every good thing.  A simple sacrifice of praise for the smallest of God's favors in the midst of life's continued unexpected twists and turns.  I finally checked out You Tube to find out exactly what's been overflowing from my heart at the most random moments ...

the crunch

The bag of bland store-bought almonds weren't cutting it with me, so I found this recipe for Honey Glazed Almonds.  Don't forget the sea salt.  Too fabulously scrumptiously addictive.

the reads

I've read / skimmed through hundreds of posts this month and hands down these are the absolute must-reads I've been waiting to pass along to you.  Bookmark, share, do whatever you can with these gems.

Alia Joy

Beth Moore

Anne Wright

Debra Fileta

Diane Dokko Kim

Letting Go of My Instagram Addiction
Rebecca Cooper

Anne Bogel

Tony Morgan

and this oh-so-necessary 15 minute podcast
Emily Freeman

the wandering

A few months after experiencing what felt like a ton of bricks cascading onto my foot, I am happy that I am now out and about, walking without limping, exploring odd little paths and abandoned shorelines and neighborhood trails.  Spring's late late late arrival only makes every outdoor pilgrimage even sweeter.

the porch

The back porch is in its final stages of construction, but unfinished ceiling and trim work couldn't keep me from starting to introduce two new pieces of furniture to a bunch of much loved tables, chairs, plants, magazines, candles, throws, and pillows relocated from just about every room of the house.

Before long, I'll be sharing more about the emergence of my new favorite place to hang out.

the clients

Nothing makes this counselor's heart soar like an unexpected serendipitous note from a former client.  Three women connected with me last week to let me know the gratitudes of a steady journey forward, rekindled married love, and a fresh start after a tumultuous divorce.  I praise God for His merciful, healing grace ... and the powerful imprint these treasured women have left on my heart.

and just because ...