In Which This Certainly Was a Topsy-Turvy Week

It's been an upside down, inside out kind of week.  Wednesday felt like Thursday and I could have sworn that Thursday night was weekend's end.  And today is almost identical to a typical Saturday.


This was the week that the furniture in the living room and dining room swapped places, leaving me with two sitting rooms, one featuring the dining table that magically morphed into an unexpected but very fun work-desk.  And gave me what I really wanted which is wide open access to the porch.

Don't ask.  It works.  For now.

After helping me drag furniture from here to there and back again, my husband admits our new living spaces look far better than he thought they would.  He said my 'vision' was unclear to him when we completely upended the tried and true, traditional set-up.

* smile *

This was the week that my Blogger stats showed 4,405 visits early Wednesday morning.  It was a technical glitch, for sure.

*  smile  *

My first grand-nephew was born, weighing in at a delightful 11 pounds.  We marked the bittersweet 66th wedding anniversary of my parents, with my dad, I'm sure, looking down from heaven and smiling at his ever expanding legacy.  We celebrated a drumming concert with a grandchild at her new school.  And learned to use pencil, not pen, when filling in the ever crowded calendar squares.

Summer's like that.  And maybe that's exactly what we're longing for.

The unexpected, the unplanned, the serendipitous.

An old friend comes to call this afternoon, the family descends in all their enthusiastic vigor next weekend.

I'll be writing less, perhaps posting at odd times.  I've already written a few posts in my head while walking the bike trail this morning.

And while I'll be visiting my favorite blogs, there'll be some weeks where I'll be quiet as a mouse with nary a footprint in my wake.  I'm hoping the laptop will gather dust ... and not just because I'm a lousy housekeeper.

What's summer look like for you?


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