4 Choices That Saved My Life This Summer * A Synchroblog

Who could imagine that August is careening to an end?  Can you believe how fast your September calendar is filling up?  Could it be that the kids are back to school and that schlocky Halloween decor is filling the shelves of any and every store?

Whatever.  Summer took her sweet ol' time in arriving to New England shores this year and I'm in no hurry to see her move on.  I plan on milking every glorious second right up 'til autumn officially arrives on September 22.  

And here's the choices I've made in recent days that God has used to bring me health and sanity and peace ...

#1.  I've barely left a footprint online.
Sometimes you've gotta pull way back from the whole internet thing, especially when you're feeling a bit crispy 'round the edges, bored, or restless with the seemingly endless running hither and yon that social media can so easily suck you into.  You've gotta let go of the fear of missing out, you can't fret that you'll lose your audience.  You have to do what lets you breathe deep and be an honest to goodness multi-faceted person with a real life away from any kind of keyboard.

My visits to your blog begin again soon.

#2.  One year later, Weight Watchers still works.
13 months ago I began eating smart and healthy and I haven't looked back.  I lost the weight I wanted to lose and have pretty much stayed around goal since then.  Sure, I'm always looking for random excuses to splurge and have weeks where I graze the kitchen cabinets and fridge in a distracted, uncontrolled way.  But the bottom line is that if you do the program, the weight comes off.  And stays off.   

And Weight Watchers isn't paying a single cent for me to say that.  Check them out here.

#3.  I love what I do.
It never fails that when I walk through the door after work, I say those 5 words to my husband.  I can't help myself.  It's so very true.

I honor all my counseling clients along the way who've invited me to be present with them in the stark reality of their pain.  To leave no stone gently unturned as we've walked slowly but surely through the dark and scary places into the healing light and freedom that comes through Christ.  To banish the lies that have hindered, to discover the power of forgiveness, and embrace new ways of looking at life and relating to others well.  

Seeing God do miracles in the lives of these courageous women is one of my deepest joys.

#4.  Impromptu beats endless hours of planning and expense.
From time to time I've thought how cool it would be to have a professional family portrait done ... all 12 of us in matching denim and white, artfully draped around each other with a stunning vista behind us, everyone glowing with happiness and so very overjoyed to be a member of the graceful family poised and relaxed in front of a large, expensive camera.

Not gonna happen.

If we're really lucky, once a year we attempt to hustle everyone together.  Chances are that no one's combed their hair all day, there's not a matching outfit in sight, and the little ones are grimy and anxious to run off to play.  We grab a random guy walking by and ask him to quickly snap 4 or 5 shots.  We hold our breath, crank out some smiles, and hope that everyone will look relatively sane and pleasant.  This time it worked.

I couldn't be more thankful.


I'm delighted that three of my longest time blogging friends are joining me for my 2nd ever synchroblog.  {Here's the first one, 2014's In the Company of Friends.}  I met Beth in 2012, and June and Lisa in 2013.  Where?  I've got no idea.  But along the way, I've become increasingly grateful that I've clicked with these creative, wise, godly women.  

This evening we're all pressing the PUBLISH button at the same moment, each of us sharing what saved our lives this summer.

I don't have the vaguest idea what they've written, but knowing each of them, I'm absolutely confident it's going to be superb.  I'm headed over right now to see what Beth, June, and Lisa have drummed up.  Please click each of their names and come along with me and say, 'hi!'

And a special welcome to each of their readers ... I'm so glad you've come to call!  


If you've been impacted by the dreadful hurricane that has hit the south, please know that I'm thinking of you even as I write.  I am so very saddened for the unspeakable losses you are experiencing.

May you find that God's mercies are new every morning {Lamentations 3:22-23}.  And may His peace bathe you with the deepest hope and comfort in the aftermath.

Beth Moore shares her grief over her hometown Houston's devastation in this heartwrenching post.  And then you can head here to lend a hand ...

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