On Living With Abounding Gratitude

Not what we say about our blessings 

but how we use them

is the true measure of our thanksgiving.
~ W.T. Purkiser ~

Oh Heavenly Lord,

Since we're so obviously human and confined to this space and time we can't even begin to get a glimpse of Your most majestic sacred glory.  It's just simply beyond our earthly comprehension.

But we can tell you that we deeply adore You for who You are.  Holy.  Holy.  Holy.

You are worthy to be praised with all that's deep within us, even if we won't ever be able to get our hands around Your awesomely supreme nature, Your perfect character, Your never ending loving grace and perfect judgement.

Yes, we surely see the blessings You've rained down on us ... You, the powerful Healer and Protector of our souls.  The faithful Giver of our daily bread and butter.  The discerning Provider of our endless needs.  The constant comforting companionship of Your sweet sacred Spirit.

And yes, Jesus, Jesus, the brutal sacrifice of Your life's blood shed so freely.

We are overflowing with an abounding gratitude laced with peace-filled joy.

Accept the praises that we bring. You have been so incredibly faithful.

Propel us forward to share our myriad of blessings with a waiting world.  Move us to live with an eye toward radiant generosity, to love fully without keeping score, and to joyfully sacrifice convenience and comfort.

We bow the knee in Jesus Name ~


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