My 5th Annual Christmas Gift Extravaganza

Merry Christmas, dear friends near and far!

I'm all excited to share my 5th annual sampling of truly lovely and thought-filled goodies for you to scoop up for those loved ones on your shopping list ... especially those hard-to-please types.

And don't call me Scrooge, but I think #12 isn't all that bad an idea ...


Those sweet little hangings, some given decades ago, last forever and bring back the most poignant memories.  Unpacking them each December does nothing but bring a flood of warm thoughts and fond memories.  Especially those fragile oh-so-imperfect ones made long ago by eager little hands.  


If something you've read has enlarged your borders or turned your life around, that's always a gift worth sharing.  {Click here to see my absolute favorite book this year!}


Gotta-eat-the-whole-loaf fragrant cinnamon bread ... warm from the oven cheese danish ... crunchy homemade granola ... a plate of lusciously decorated cookies ... a box of decadent homemade fudge ... nutritious soup still hot in the pot.  

{Here's my mom's surprise meringue cookies!}


Think tickets to a play or a dinner theatre, a spa or a local restaurant.  How 'bout handcrafted gift certificates for free babysitting or snow shoveling, errand running or a relaxing massage.  Perhaps a couple of house cleaning sessions ... or a bunch of car washes?  

And wouldn't you just love to see your favorite someone airborne?  Or how 'bout opportunities for the kids to learn a new sport ... maybe ballet or art lessons?  Their parents will rise up and call you blessed.

Stress-reducing lavender vanilla, zesty mango peach salsa, or sweet raspberry burn bright around here most evenings three seasons a year.  But right now I love the aroma wafting from our Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar candles!  

The house smells like a fresh-cut tree dragged home from the farm.  Which is nostalgically lovely since our brightly lit tree is a fake as they come.


Matted and framed ... etched onto a mouse pad ... worked into a scrapbook ... printed on a calendar, loaded onto a digital picture frame?  Photos are always a surefire winner for any grandparent or a far away loved one. 

{Shutterfly is fairly easy to navigate ... I'm working on a little project over there even as we speak}.  


Daily, monthly, or once a quarter, those magazines, fruit baskets, newspapers, flowers {or whatever!} remind the recipient of you each and every time your regularly appearing selection makes a welcome arrival on their doorstep.  

  gift cards

Do you truly know their specific size, favorite color, unique style?  Probably not.  Save on endless hours trolling the mall and horrifically long lines for returns ... and allow your savvy shoppers full advantage of those frenetically fabulous post-holiday sales.  

Meanwhile, I do love shopping from home in my robe and slippers ... especially at


Few things are more pitifully obnoxious than family members pawing through your belongings like vultures after you've left this world, arguing over who gets what.  How much more meaningful to give those family heirlooms now with your love, hugs, and the opportunity to share the story behind the chosen gift.  

You receive the huge rush of joy that comes with giving these carefully selected, priceless treasures in person, sooner rather than later.  And your shelves will say 'thank you' for letting them breathe again.

heirlooms for kiddos

For generations, Radio Flyer has been crafting the most beautiful investment toys for tots.  These gifts will be around for awhile, I promise you.  Along the way, we've purchased a couple of impressive horses {not quite as pictured on the link}, a very fun little scoot-about, and at least one classic red wagon.  

Meanwhile ol' Pa is cleaning up a granddaughter's cute little scooter which is being sent to its new home to be enjoyed in a year or two by her second cousin.  I just love this!


Who needs yet another pair of socks or a boring old tie that will hang there unused forever? You can choose to honor the recipient by gifting to those in need. 

Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog is a longtime favorite ... your donation purchases livestock, chicks, blankets, hot meals, fruit trees, bicycles, you name it.  You can even feed a baby for a week.  It just doesn't get better than this.

Get the full size, ready to print holiday gift exception certificate right here.


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