A Short Stack of Soul-Stretching Goodies For You

Calling all exhausted yet expectant souls.  

If you're craving peaceful solitude, a refreshing touch, and restoration at the deepest level, you're in good company.

We're thirsty for something more, and in our quest, we lean into pages that lead us into thoughtful Christ-focused reflection and expectant renewal, a spiritual rekindling even as we catch a glimpse of what God's seems to be inviting us to 'round the next bend.

So would you cuddle up with a cozy old quilt, a favorite cup of something warmly fragrant, and join me in paging through these volumes?


Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living ~ Shauna Niequest

If a frantic busyness defines your lifestyle, if exhaustion and burnout best speak of where you find yourself, if the practice of your faith has disappointed, Shauna's book will speak deep to your soul.  This series of short essays pack a punch and make this volume a perfect reflective companion, easy to pick up and put down, yet filled to overflowing with more than a bit of savvy wisdom.

Be prepared to say 'no more' to your overwhelming, unsatisfying, multitasking lifestyle in order to embrace emotional tranquility, healthier relationships, and a more substantial faith.

I paused to reflect often as I paged my way through Shauna's book.  Many of her keen observations resonated deeply for me, even though my lifestyle hasn't included jetting from hither to yon in big demand at speaking engagements.  If this hadn't been a library book, my copy would be highlighted, underlined, and dog-eared.  And if you're a journaler, you'll find many chapters to be profound jumpstarters for your own intimate conversations with Christ.

Yet while this is a beautifully penned volume of one woman's self-examination and drastically altered lifestyle, I would have found this to be a richer offering if Shauna had shared Scripture and talked in more detail about how her relationship with Christ was deepened by the series of game-changing decisions she's made along the way.

7 Days of Soul Care: A Guide to Letting God Do the Extraordinary With Your Ordinary ~ Dolly Lee

Social media's incessant demands, the whirlwind of busyness we've embraced, and the recent election madness have done nothing but distract us from the care and feeding of our weary, parched souls.  We're hungry for something more, a deeper faith, a healing in the wounded places.

If we've ever needed a spiritual time-out, it would be right about now.

You'll find Dolly's slim yet hefty soul care companion to be a lovely spiritual mini-retreat, a nurturing, Christ-centered guidebook you'll return to again and again.

Dolly writes out of her own experience with anxiety, depression, and PTSD ... and if you're struggling in these areas, you'll find that this lovely invitation isn't at all daunting or intimidating but rather warm, welcoming, and quite user friendly.

She writes, 'when we rest in our true identity and worth in God, we can be exceptional in the ordinary things of life because we believe our worth is secure ... we're free to love others without needing their affirmation to shore up our self-worth.  We can stop hustling for love.'

Deeply thought-provoking questions and a beautiful prayer end each chapter.  What a wonderful personal study ... or a beneficial selection for your small group or Bible Study!  Click on the red book title for a sneak peek ... and be sure to visit her blog, SoulStops, too.

I applaud Dolly for aiming toward donating $500 from 7 Days of Soul Care proceeds to the International Justice Mission.  She's just that kind of woman.  My deepest thanks to her for inviting me to serve on her book launch team, a first ever for me and a delightful yet eye-opening experience on the many steps it takes for an author to birth her literary baby.

Brave Faith: A 31 Day Devotional Journey ~ Mary Geisen

I haven't read Mary's book yet, but have experienced her Brave Faith journey via her blog.  Along the way she's introduced the words brave and courageous into my vocabulary ... words that I'd never choose to describe myself.

If you like to play it safe, if you're an avid comfort zone enthusiast, than Mary's devotional might win you over to discover what brave looks like in living out a more adventurous faith.

She writes, 'Brave is a journey, a step by step walk, moving forward, leaving fear, uncertainty and other stumbling blocks behind.  It is reminding yourself that as a child of God, you were made for more.'

Selected verses and a TAKE FIVE opportunity to reflect on what you've gleaned conclude the 31 chapters.  Again, here's yet another profitable personal study ... or a selection to consider for your small group or Bible Study!  Click on the red book title for a sneak peek.


And great big congrats to my dear friend, Carol!  Halo Magazine just published her article, Finding God's Delight After Divorce in their October issue.

Carol was a profound player in my own personal story, Finally ... In Which She Spoke the Dreaded 'S' Word, that I shared with you back in August.

And both Carol and Mary were two members of our stellar panel of single women in this year's BIGGEST blog post 'round these parts - Dear Church ~ Heartfelt Notes From 8 Single Women.

I'd love for you to linger just a bit longer to read these important offerings.

What books are in your mid-autumn stack?

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