When All Is Said & Done . . .

Dear Friends ~

I bet you didn't know I was a 'political junkie.'  

Since childhood I've learned to appreciate the intricacies, the responsibilities, and the fascination of the freedoms provided by our political system at the knee of my Dad, an immigrant to this, our beloved country.

Yet this election has brought out the worst in me.  As my own disappointments and frustrations mounted, as my ears couldn't quite believe what I was hearing, as I saw the beautiful word 'evangelicals' morph from those who proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior into a divisive political football, I mounted my soapbox too many times and made myself obnoxious to those closest to me.  

For that lack of sensitivity, I ask forgiveness.

After months of high political drama, sordid revelations, unethical unearthings, and a distinct lack of kindness and respect and decency, can I tell you I'm glad this election is over?

You're most likely agreeing wholeheartedly.

Here's where I'm coming from right about now ...

God is on the throne.  
Nothing in our world surprises Him, He is quite aware of the ins and outs of this world's political systems and has been for eons.  He knows the beginning from the end and this current season is just a blip on His eternal radar.  This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance {and for this we labor and strive}, that we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all {1 Timothy 4:9}.

We are not defined by our political party.  
We are defined by our Savior.  Our hope is in Him and Him alone.  It's in Him we live and move and have our being {Acts 17:28}.  An unhealthy rabid allegiance to any earthly designation does nothing but bring Him dishonor.  

We need to acknowledge that our emotions have been whipped into a frenzy.  
Blame it on the media, the non-stop availability of flame-fanning pundits, the candidates themselves, and our own lack of boundaries in how we've invested our time and energy.  We need to acknowledge any fear that's crept in, feelings of disrespect that have taken center stage, or disappointment in our political or spiritual leaders.  

Depression and anxiety have increasingly begun to swirl around in too many bodies, while some find themselves in a place of serious spiritual desolation, a dark night of the soul.  And for too many women, memories of past sexual abuse have resurfaced their ugly presence thanks to tawdry revelations and the distinct lack of support from those who should have displayed a serious concern for their woundedness. 

Relationships have been impacted.
You won't have to look far to find marriage relationships that have become strained, churches who have ostracized their own, workplaces that have been divided, relationships that have been pushed to the wall.

When we don't love each other well, the enemy of our souls gains the victory.
He specializes in knowing what buttons to push to bring disharmony, a lack of unity, strained affection.  Endless political campaigning, non-stop verbal wrangling, and extreme power plays easily provide a productive playground for his efforts.  He knows how to thwart the gospel of Christ as we strive for power. And sadly, the lack of loving respect toward each other that easily emerges is his bread and butter.  We can agree that he's had a field day.

We are obliged to tend to our own battered souls.
My friends, let's encourage each other today to care for our bruised souls as never before.  May our political focus be replaced with a season of silence and solitude where we can hear our Savior's tender voice.  Whatever we need, He promises to provide.  Comfort, wisdom, realignment, peace, hope.

May powerful Scriptures and sweet hymns of the faith play in our overstimulated hearts.  May we fall head over heels in love with our Savior once again so that the fruit of the Spirit will define the essence of our beings and our every conversation ... love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control {Galatians 4:22-23}.

If ever we needed to come together in the strength Christ provides, it is now.
No matter what our political leanings, may we move ahead to minister a lovely grace and peace to those we rub shoulders with.  May we ask forgiveness if we spoke in ways that were disrespectful or harmful.  May we figure out how to best combine forces to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God {Micah 6:8}.

A watching world awaits our response in the days ahead.

He is our peace ~


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