Heaps of Gratitude . . . and a Quick Heads Up For Bloggers

Dear Friend ~

When it comes to storytelling, Brene Brown says it best ... 'When we deny our stories, they define us.  When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending ... Owning our stories is standing in our truth.  It's transformative in our personal and professional lives AND it's also critical in our community lives.'

It's been some incredible week around here.  Your generous kindness, your supportive response to my story has been deeply uplifting.  Our follow-up dialogue confirmed my belief that publicly sharing this dark-night-of-the-soul was Spirit led.  It meant so much that you'd feel safe enough to courageously share your own very personal seasons of emotional pain, of grace, of redemption.

Click here to savor the whole conversation from beginning to end.

Without a doubt, it was the most significant post that's emerged in my eight years of writing ... for lots of reasons, some of which are yet to be uncovered.


A year ago, I put my desire, my purpose for this blog right on the table.  To offer you, dear reader, a soft place to land.  A gentle pause in the busyness of your online travels.  A calm haven where you might catch your breath and be re-filled.  An opportunity for you to join in community with other like-minded souls to savor whatever is on the table at the moment.

And the warm invitation to safely join in on the conversation at hand.  Or silently soak it all in on the sidelines.

You've said, 'yes, please.'  And I am so very grateful for the community that God is growing and nurturing in this place.


I've got a great big announcement coming right after the holiday weekend.  Please keep an eye out for my next post ... blogging aficionados and novices alike will find a unique invitation awaiting there.  

To say I'm excited would be an understatement at best!


'Til then, enjoy these mellow days of waning summer, God's spectacular creation in flux, the evenings' cool breezes, those well-worn flip flops that still adorn your feet, and the love of those who gather to converse and dine 'round your laden table.

Go outside and play.  You know deep down that you're craving it.

And perhaps consider hitting the off button on those ever-present screens for an afternoon ... or maybe even {gasp} a whole 24 hours.

May you feel God's redeeming grace surround you in new and miraculous ways, may you rejoice as you spy His love and tender mercies in every hour that passes.

See ya' in a few ...

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I'm appreciative.  For sure.