In Which There is No Bling . . . But There IS a $60 Giveaway

I'm not a bling kind of girl.  You'll usually find me wearing a bit of jewelry ... three rings on one finger, a bracelet, tiny studs in my ears, and maybe an ankle bracelet in the summer.

But it's all rather understated, nothing flashy, nothing that jumps out at you. No one's turning their heads to look at my bling.  That's not who I am.

And then these fabulous new flips, in all their rhinestone glory, surprisingly called my name as I was looking for something to slip on / off my feet for a few summertime weddings.  {TJ Maxx is 3 minutes from my new home.  How cool is that!}

I step out of my nondescript comfort zone whenever I slip them on.

All this to say that I am beyond excited that my new website is up and running.

{I think!  I hope!  Oh please let there be no glitches!}  

And while my feet may be sporting some bling these days, there's absolutely nothing flashy, trendy, or eye-catching about my new online home's design.  No bells and whistles, no widgets and gizmos.

My desire is to offer you, dear reader, a soft place to land.  A gentle pause in the busyness of your online travels.  A calm haven where you might catch your breath and be re-filled.  An opportunity for you to join in community with other like-minded souls to savor whatever is on the table at the moment.

And the warm invitation to safely join in on the conversation at hand.  Or silently soak it all in on the sidelines.

This online home is what my soul's been craving.  

As a writer, this kind of quiet atmosphere is a compelling gift that frees me up to do my best work.  For you, dear reader, I am pleased to create a space that invites you to focus on meaningful words and beautiful photos with nothing to distract.

The links to read my story, sift through a sampler of past writings, or to subscribe, are at the top of the page.  And keep an eye out for upcoming 1-1 conversations!  {If you're reading on a mobile device, click on the blue horizontal band and the page options will show up for you.}

I hope the spacious white space, larger font, and deep gray lettering make your visits here just a tad more welcoming and relaxing.

And to celebrate this little housewarming, I'm giving away a $60 TJ Maxx gift card to one random reader who leaves a comment on this post by Monday, August 31st, at 10 pm {eastern}.  Be sure your link includes some kind of contact info, ok?  I'll be announcing the winner that evening.

And why $60 you might ask?

Because 60 is the new 30.  I think.  I hope.

And I'm going there this week.

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