A Dog Days Month Digest

Oh yeah, these have been the dog days of summer.  Hot, sultry, heavy ... yes, even near waters blue.  The two ancient little air conditioners and the whirring fans have done their best to keep the humidity at bay as we hunkered down inside.  And though the fog has a habit of rolling in from both east and west coasts of this little seaside town, there were few dreary moments around here in August.  

Here's what's played out ~ 

i've trekked ...
back and forth to our old stomping grounds in New York for a couple of delightful weddings ... and a very fun supposed-to-be-a-surprise birthday brunch!  It was kinda weird to be back on our old turf again ... I felt like I belonged, yet not really.  And it was a bit surreal to glimpse our old house one more time ... even as we quickly realized that it's not our home anymore, that someone else has claimed that oh-so-familiar dwelling place as their own.

My eyes brimmed a few times, just a bit, as we drove down familiar roads.  I'm caught in that odd no man's land, determined to look forward to the bright unknown vistas ahead, even as I cradle great heaps of cherished memories close to my heart.  

i panicked ...
when I lost both the Creekside blog and this brand new space in the process of getting lindastoll.net up and running.  Perhaps panic would be an understatement?  How 'bout terror?!  My frantic prayers shot right up to heaven and God graciously connected me with one real smart cookie from GoDaddy.com who saved the day.  I must have aged another 60 years in a few short minutes.    

I'd love to find a Blogger guru who can do some occasional design work / glitch management.  Can you guide me to someone who'll save my sanity?

i discovered ... 
that you can tighten your tummy simply by sitting at your desk!

This is every desk-dweller's dream come true!  And these little exercises really work.  Wow!  Who would have guessed that you can tone up while glued to your chair, focused on that ever-present screen?

Core Reach - Sit at the edge of a chair, knees bent at a 90 degree angle.  Lean upper body to the right, lowering hand toward floor {keep rear on chair.}  Pause, return to start and repeat on left side.  Continue 1 minute.

Spinal Twist - Sit at the edge of a chair, knees bent at a 90 degree angle and arms crossed at shoulder height.  Twist upper torso to the right; hold for 15 seconds.  Return to start and repeat on left side.  Continue for 1 minute.
The Burst Workout by Sean Foy, MA.

i'm drooling ... 
over the inspirational, homey living spaces at the glorious Vintage Whites Blog.  The rooms meld together my deep fondness for well-worn furnishings, random flea market finds ... and wide open white spaces.  If I could design my house from scratch, this is what it would look like.

i snapped ... 
this shot of the kiddos on our adventurous little Adirondack hike, a scant half hour before someone aroused a nest of angry bees that swarmed and stung more than one fleeing, screaming family member.  Before yet another fearless adventurer got her big ol' foot wedged under a rock in a rapidly flowing stream.  And before one weary little traveler finally pronounced, 'this is the worst day ever!'

What was YOUR absolute best moment this month?


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