Oh NO . . . She Lost ALL Her Email!!

No numerical stats can fully describe the array of unique folks randomly woven together in the vibrant tapestry that makes up this little online community.  From all over the world you come!  Women and men 'of a certain age' ... and those far far younger.  Faith believers and seekers in process.  Professionals of all stripes.  Writers and readers, adventurers and homebodies, movers and shakers, ministers of grace and imaginative creators.

And many keen, quiet observers who sit quite contentedly on the sidelines.

But we DO have one thing in common.  We all use email.

The recent post praising the glories of empty inboxes sparked a fun conversation that included musings about the ease of utilizing goat skins and quills. 1,712 emails 'panting' for attention in one inbox and 2000 hanging out in another.  The sweet satisfaction of 300 messages chopped down to just 2.  A Hotmail inbox biding its time since 2006.  And the overwhelming exhaustion that comes with juggling 6 email accounts.

You can read the whole conversation by clicking right here.

And then a few days later, this note appeared in my own inbox ...

You recently talked about the joy of an empty inbox for you.  It reminded me how much email I have clogging my day and computer, but there are way too many things that I think I want to read again or save.  I am not sure what I did, but last night while we were watching a movie (The Patriot) I absently picked up my phone and thought I had deleted spam.  I discovered later when I went to turn off the phone that I had some how deleted every email (sent, inbox, saved, folder of saved emails, etc.)  It left me feeling totally upended.  I do not even know what all I lost.  Now this morning, I am chuckling to myself and feeling like the accident might have been the Lord's way of handling the whole sorting and letting go of all that stuff!

Since then, I haven't heard from this friend {who shall remain anonymous}.  Gee ... I hope she's OK.  Is she in shock or is she feeling light and unencumbered?  Was she able to recover her own private post office?  And is she still finding God in the midst of this significant loss?

Sad to say, I'm fairly sure that I wouldn't have responded with such a wise spiritual perspective. 

How 'bout you?  Got any email stories, social media sagas, or other technological joys or sorrows to share?