How Calming the Relief When We Relinquish Control

The few highways that exist in this neck of the woods buzz endlessly with heavy traffic in this summer season.  If need be, we venture out on those busy roads.   But as much as is humanly possible, we chose a different pathway.

We embrace a slower pace, a quieter vista, less hustle and bustle.  It does body and soul good to ratchet everything down a few notches.  For life gets far too frenetic and crazed if we allow it.

And it never hurts to take along a good map to serve as a helpful guide as we navigate the uncertainty of those oft' narrow, unmarked roads.

'Cause it's too easy to lose our way.


As we sojourn along life's winding, sometimes perilous pathway, the Holy One who writes our story and orchestrates our days invites us to hand the chauffeur's cap over to Him.  His pre-chosen, all-wise timetable firmly in hand, the Author and Finisher of our faith is more than ready, willing, and able to safely guide us on the journey into the future that's known only to Him.

We lean into Him with huge sighs of relief, for our endless attempts to control and manipulate life's circumstances have proven to be exhausting and futile.  We follow His lead with expectation, even when our hope is tinged with whiffs of fear.  We choose to do so because He's proven to be repeatedly faithful and trustworthy, and His character shines with a steady wisdom that can't be denied.

We're in no way interested in impatiently running ahead or dragging our fearful feet in resignation 'cause we've been there, done that ... and have learned from past experience that our impulsive choices to forge forward or linger too long without His guidance never serve us {or Him} well.

Our uncertain souls crave His gracious care.

As we entrust our dreams, hopes, and desires to His tender leadership, He gives us light for each moment and sweet reassuring glimmers of the road ahead.  He holds us close to His beating heart as he carries us safely through those treacherous valleys that would easily swallow us alive if we were venturing alone.

His loving guidance fills us with hope and assurance as He whispers, 'peace, be still.'  For He knows the end from the beginning.

Keeping in pace with His sacred rhythms frees us from having to figure out every last detail.  And choosing to invest our energy in enjoying His companionship rather than playing the know-it-all grows our faith ... and gets us where we're going in a much calmer frame of mind.

He leads.

We follow.

Our souls overflow with unspeakable gratitude.


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